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# Texas Workforce Commission Texas Back to Work Program
# “Social Media” Job Offerings have Tripled in the Last Year
# Labor Department reports New Unemployment Claims unexpectedly dropped.

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First Outlook News with Scot Combs.Texas employers can receive a wage subsidy

for hiring unemployed workers under a two year,program promoted by Lt. Governor David Dewhurstand funded by the Legislature last session. Administered by the Texas Workforce Commission,

Texas Back to Work offers employers a wagesubsidy of up to $2,000 for

hiring qualified out of work Texans.

Texas Back to Work is available to employers

through the 28 Texas local workforcedevelopment boards, which also provide employers

with workforce recruitment assistant,pre screening of qualified applicants and training

programs.More than 1. 8 million customers

were served in more than 240workforce centers across Texas last year. Indeed.

com, a search engine for jobs,is reporting that jobs with “social media” in

the description have tripled over the last year,reaching more than 14,000 in November

compared with about 4,300 duringthe same month in 2009.The number of job listings on Mashable has

increased to about 250 per month,that’s up from about 20each month at this time last year. Titles and responsibilities for social media

jobs run the gamut ranging from communitymanagers digital strategists who help with

the company’s overall social media campaignto developers, the people who build the campaign’s,

Facebook applications and mobile apps. The pay for social media positions varies widely.

Recent college graduates tend to make between

$30,000 and $40,000 annually,while those with a few years of experience

can earn between $50,000 and $75,000depending on their location and employer.Now to the numbers. The unemployment rate edged

up to 9. 8 percent in November,and nonfarm payroll employment was little

changed; up by 39,000, accordingto the U.

S.Bureau of Labor Statistics. Temporary help services and health care continued

to add jobs over the month, while employment fellin retail trade. Employment in most major industries changed

little in November.

However,Three years after the onset of our current

recession,signs are mounting that employers may be starting

to hiring new workers.The Labor Department has reported new claims

for unemployment benefits unexpectedly droppedbelow 400,000 in the week ending

December 24th for the first timesince mid 2008. Economists call it a hopeful sign that the

jobless rate, stuck near 10% for morethan a year,might begin to fall soon. To get the most out of your experience with


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