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Top #Career: The Debut Jobs app team is helping recent graduates connect with leading employers via short mobile games. Users play games on the app and are then connected to career opportunities at firms like L’Oreal, Microsoft, Barclay’s, Blackrock, and many more. To check out the app, visit
Top #ArtificialIntelligence: Google’s DeepMind team have created a virtual world called “Labyrinth” that artificial intelligence software can explore. The program is designed to advance engineers’ understanding of what a software program can learn in a “generalized world.” To see the software try to navigate a maze, visit
Messenger’s new iPhone app code reveals that it is planning to roll out multiple payment features soon. Paying someone in person and geolocation-based payments (e.g. upon entering a particular location) look slated to hit the Messenger app soon.

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Hi there and welcome to your Brain Boost.L’Oreal, Ernst and Young, Microsoft, and. Deutsche Bank have all signed up to

support a smartphone app called Debut,which promises to let young peoplefast track the recruitment process and

land roles in big companies just byplaying mobile games. Users download the game, they play, and they win based on

characteristics that employers arelooking for, which will then connect them

to fast track interviews orinternational internships. You can visit

a link to the game in the description ofthe video.

Google’s AI company, Deep.Mind, which was founded by Demis Hassabis,created a virtual world called Labyrinth. It’s part of its Apollo program and it’sdesigned to put software into a

generalized world to see what it canlearn while it’s there. Currently, the

software programs they’re developing areworking on navigating mazes. This is the

same team that built Alpha.

Go, which beatthe world champion Go player in a

five game series recently.You can watchthe software try to navigate the maze

at a link in the description of thevideo. There are reports that the new

code in the i. Phone version of Facebook. Messenger supports multiple payment


For example, the ability to paysomebody in person through the app and

also to pay based on the user’s location.For example, when a customer would pick

up a item at a retail outlet. Look outfor Facebook rolling out multiple mobile

payments features in the future. Finally, we have an Ask Me Anything

event coming up on April 5th with. Ludell Jones, Eazl’s Marketing Director.

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