Social Media Jobs

Bri Di Cesare is Senior Account Manager at Technical Connections. social media readily accessible, employers are often checking your information and background long before you ever set foot in their offices.

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the job interview actually starts before you think it does oftentimes potential employers will go online as soon as your resume classes their desk and they’ll google your name in order to see what pops up and that can include your Facebook page or Linked.In profile and any blogs or other comments that you’ve posted on the world wide web and so you want to make sure that all of what’s on the web about you is professional and represents you truly and it’s something that you’ll want potential employers to see you’ll need to to rethink putting up anything that you wouldn’t want your current employer or a future employer to see secondly a job interview can start when someone does what we call a back door reference and a back door reference is when the hiring manager even someone like myself contacts a previous employer that can be someone that you may have reported to or even just worked with and they’ll call that person in order to get their take on how you performed and how you got along with your co workers at your previous job and this is oftentimes valued a thousand times more than a reference that a candidate provides because this is a true unbiased assessment of your actual work and that’s how a job interview can actually start before you think it does. .