Social Media Jobs

The Social Media Job was developed to help job seekers leverage the best social media tools on the market to pursue the job they deserve. This E-Learning program is for people of all experience levels with social and digital media who are looking to network their way to a brighter career..

hi I’m Eric and for the last few years of my career I’ve been teaching companies how to use social media to find the best candidates for their job openings then I had an idea what if instead of finding people to work at companies I talked people the skills I know to help them find the job they always wanted so i created the social media job search when most people look for a job online they do a few things they apply to the major job boards like career builder and monster for openings but most of the time people spend hours filling out online applications and feel like their resume goes into a black hole because they rarely get a response from the company they also post the resume to the big job boards hoping to get contacted about a position they want but instead they get bombarded with emails for insurance sales and online survey positions and finally some people take the plunge and try to use social media sites like Linked.In Facebook and Twitter but without a solid plan in place it can be easy to get lost in the shuffle with no clear path to follow and so much competition in the job market it’s easy to see why most people get discouraged and feel completely powerless in their job search this is where I want to help the social media job search focuses on teaching job seekers how to use google linkedin facebook and other tools to network with professionals who can help you throughout the course your career the social media job search is an outdated book about cover letters resume writing our interview tips it’s an e learning program that teaches you how to find a job using social media and three steps the first step is increasing visibility we do this by optimizing your social media profiles so when recruiters are looking for top talent your profile is one of the first ones they see step two is looking under every rock not every company wants to spend two hundred and fifty dollars to post each job they have available in career builder I’ll teach you how to find jobs all over the internet not just major job boards and finally step three is finding new friends this is the best part of the program that teaches you how to take the Google search results from 35 million results you can’t use the 35 results that you can and provides you with the perfect blueprint for how to use social media to network your way to the job you want I’ve been training companies on how to find top notch talent using these tools for years now I want to teach you the same tools for your job search so what are you waiting for start your social media job search today and find the job you deserve. .