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0:37 Voice Hub is Hiring Social Media Jockey World Lingo is hiring Translators/Proofreaders ( Speakwrite is hiring Transcriptionists ( US and uhaul if hiring Part-Time Customer Service Agents (US) list of 99 PART-TIME JOBS forget to 🙂

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hey guys welcome my name is Shay from dream home base right comm I am back this week with a brand new video with some hot job alerts I wanted to alert you guys that there are some companies that are actively hiring and I am going to give you guys some general information and also provide some links in my description box for you guys to go online and apply so let’s get started so let’s take a look at who’s hiring this week the first company I would like to share with you guys it’s called voice hub they are hiring a social media jockey now this is one of these pose positions that will let you work from anywhere and even the job posting says you know you can work from any location your role involves helping the company keep social media platforms updated with fresh content so that means you’ll basically publish new content on their social media pages as well as you know monitor comments and and questions on their social any of their social media platforms now the hours are flexible you will be able to work full time or part time now no special equipment is needed except a computer so you can basically use you know a laptop on that computer you don’t need anything fancy in order to work for this company the pay is not reported on the site but however if I do find information about the pay I’ll leave it in my comment section below the next company is world lingo they are hiring translators and proofreaders to work from home now some of the requirements is you must be able to write and speak fluent in English now they do require you to have at least five years of experience providing translations in a commercial setting now if the country you live in have a translation association with four professionals you must be able to provide proof of membership you also must be a University graduate this company is open to multiple countries so definitely you know if you live outside of the US and match these requirements then you are able to apply the next company is speak right they are hiring general and legal transcriptionists this job is open to the US as well as Canada now applicants must be able to type at least 60 words per minute with a 90 percent accuracy or better now for legal transcribers you must have prior experience as a word processor or transcriptionists but for general you don’t need to have you know prior experience um you know this company does do background checks and the pay is around a half a cent per word which averages to be around twelve to fifteen dollars per hour for most client contractors the last company is u haul now they just posted a brand new listing for part time customer service agents I spoke with the HR manager last weekend they are doing the bulk of their hiring now before the new year so if you are looking for a part time position I urge you to go ahead and apply now the post thing will say Arizona but you don’t need to be located in the state in order to apply they are hiring throughout the US the starting pay is around 8 to $15 per hour based on and hourly pay as well as any bonuses and incentives you receive for upselling any products now the computer equipment you do need to have an updated computer they will have a list of things that you need to make sure that your computer is compatible with on their application page now Mac computers are not allowed at all so the one thing that you definitely want to make sure that you have is you know a Windows 8 operating system and also some type of antivirus program you know don’t forget to follow our work at home community on Twitter Facebook Pinterest as well as my official blog so you know just to keep updated with you know any new job leads I hope you guys found this video really helpful don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed the information that I shared and also feel free to share with your family and friends that maybe looking for a legitimate work at home job also if you are not a subscriber make sure you hit that red button at the bottom of this video to subscribe and as always if you’re looking for any other work from home opportunities make sure to check out my official site dream home base for comm thank you guys for watching and take care.