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MORE on our Toronto Social Media Jobs you love browsing the Internet for the coolest and wildest in everything from fashion to technology, then Trend Hunter’s Media internship might be perfect for you! By the end of the internship program, you’ll have over 600 trends and 1,000,000 views under your belt, as well as a top-quality resume and job interview training to make sure you’ll dominate your chosen industry. If that’s not enough to convince you, check out our video to find out why else Trend Hunter’s journalism internships are the best in the city.

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I’m romita schedule I’m the Academy strategist at Trent hunter I recruit applicants I hire interns and once they’re here I train them walking into the trend in her office for the first time it becomes really clear that it’s a very collaborative space so there is no physical divide or mental divided between interns and the hydras themselves regardless there’s a lot of time for everybody to work really hard to independently lose the ability to get all of your ideas out and at the same time it’s generally just a fun space to be so what people in the front room do on a day to day basis and the fragran is the first thing you see when you welcome to the turn in your office it’s a central hub of Trinity we start off with their check in meetings which are basically editorial meetings every day three times a day the first meeting is all about setting goals talking about what’s buzzing on the internet for the day the important stuff to help you start the hunting process everybody scours the far corners of the internet to find the biggest hottest coolest weirdest thing that they can after that they write it up they cover it and they submitted to our editors for approval once the article is actually approved it has a chance of ending up on our hot bar which is where our highest traffic goes and everything is recorded on a big huge projected dashboard the projected dashboard is probably one of the biggest parts of tread under culture it game fires the entire hunting experience it’ll show you your hunting time your writing time and it tracks all of the articles you’ve written per hour per day all of these things the editor is truly do care about the progress each in turn that we have here is a trend hunter this is the reason why we feel we can call the internship and Academy personally I love to write about pop culture stuff weird things that celebrities release into the market that everyone freaks out about that’s those are my favorite things to write about I love Trent hunter i love the environment here at founders given me a platform to jump into writing into social media into the internet culture so working at Trent enter has been really great because I’m really able to sharpen my skill set I’ve been able to really improve my organizational skills interview really interesting influential people around Toronto when I started off my position I was editing videos and learning how our channel works and what not now what I do is I coordinate a lot of client interactions and try to figure out good filming locations and also get to plan and coordinate lots of interesting events and help execute them and see them unfold and unravel in front of my eyes when I started my internship here in April it became very clear that trend hunter isn’t just about writing it’s a lot of social media to and the editors do a great job in pushing us to use a lot of social media platforms to promoter articles I definitely think that I’ve been able to build my influence on the interweb which is really important since everything is kind of becoming all about the internet and building your own personal brand through Twitter I’ve been able to talk to brands to innovators to creators of different types of products that I’ve written about and I’ve been able to reach out to them they’ve reached out to me and we’ve been able to have a really cool conversation about their products everyone in the office we’re sharing each other’s articles we’re liking them we’re commenting on them we’re getting the conversation started it gives us the opportunity to promote our articles people that might not be in the same country is us but we can get them out worldwide which is really cool the internship is structured so that when you graduate you have over 600 trends and over a million views to your portfolio you come in with your six pack of red bull maybe some sugar straws like those kids that go to like beauty pageants and stuff and you sit down and you basically write as fast as possible for the entire day one of my highest viewed articles received over 35,000 views and it is a reality defying photography article from erik johansson and basically what he does is he takes actual photographs and edits in all these fantastic things like he’ll take a picture of an island and then underneath show like a huge fish like underneath the island that mason you know something out of a storybook so it’s really cool the feedback sessions with editors are awesome they really give you all the tools you need to succeed not only just a trend hunter but after you’ve left I’ve gotten feedback from everything from improving quality of the articles to writing with zest to title enhancement which is especially important because you want to create a flashy title that will get a lot of views we are a culture of people who like to play as hard as we work every friday we get together around our lunchtime table we share a few beers and we talked about how our week went we also do fun days once a month which have included things like scavenger hunts across the city sushi making classes and even a tour of the steam whistle brewery and at the end of the internship we cap it off with interview training resume building and extra special personalized sessions with myself and Jeremy cuce our CEO these exist so that we can make sure that we are building people who know how best to use the skills that they already have and the skill that they only know how to turn them I love Trent hunter I love the environment here everyone’s really supportive one and other calendars giving me a platform to jump into writing into social media to video editing into the internet culture wrecking a trend enter has really been an amazing experience you know trust in their responsibility that the company really gives the interns is something that you won’t get anywhere else and it’s really rewarding to see the benefits of the projects and things that you set up and execute yourself.