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Twitter as an effective job hunting tool by
Twitter can be used as an effective job hunting tool if used in the right manner. Do remember that professional of heads of companies in which you might be vying for a job might be there on twitter..

welcome to education fund us in this segment we explore how graduates and those in the final year of college can use the social networking site Twitter as an effective job hunting tool twitter is normally associated with those who want to be active on the social circuit with their college and school friends and those who love following the latest activities of celebrities on a mass scale it has also been used for protests and spread breaking news however if used efficiently then Twitter can be used as a very effective job search tool so the next time you log on to the Internet and start catching up with your favorite celebrities do remember that a possible employers on the lookout for someone like you common ground it’s time to do a little investigative work keep track of the people who you want to network with whom you feel might be able to get you a job in the future no one is saying that you literally start stalking them and following them everywhere however what needs to be done is that you need to find out their hobbies and some interests which are common with you this at some point in the future can be used to strike up a conversation or meet up with them for example let’s say a senior in the company in which you’re vying for a job is enthusiastic about squash which you have noticed in his recent tweets it also so happens that you are an avid squash players so during a future meetup you could actually strike up a conversation regarding the sport with him or better still actually fix up a game of squash over the weekend this way you get to know him better and hence can also find out whether they’re openings in the company through conversations most importantly he gets to meet you and know you on a personal level so if there is an opening in the future he would probably prefer you over some other person who just sends him a CD over the email of course it should not look like you’ve been tracking his Twitter account by telling him about his Twitter updates that would probably scare him off keep your eyes and ears open for any tweets relating to job openings yes it is true that one would normally find information relating to jobs on job portals but in many cases and with increasing frequency it has been seen that people have started tweeting about job posts before putting them on job portals so be aware of any conversation or threads regarding job posts on Twitter you can join in the discussion or just find out about the situations through the tweets availability make sure that your Twitter profile is the first thing that google throws up if your prospective employer happens to be searching for you on the internet also if you’re serious about using Twitter as a job hunting tool your professional side also needs to shine through your Twitter profile but how can you do this first of all start by adding some top shot industry heads on your profile and well known personalities by well known personalities one means an Oprah or Obama and not Eminem since you would want to get your best professional side across second read up on some good articles relating to your career or anything newsworthy that would probably impress or interest your prospective employer that way once you’re doing this on a regular basis you actually end up building a bank of good articles posts and comments that the employer would chance upon when going through your twitter profile participate become part of a twitter chat that is being held by someone in your field both smart comments and contribute effectively many of these discussions are often followed by seniors in your field who might be browsing through twitter as a result of this you could also get noticed by a future seniors or bosses through the discussion all the best with your twitter job hunt we at education fund us hope that this advice helps the college graduates and job hunters out there.