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Twitter suffered a worm over the weekend, which wasn’t the service’s first brush with security problems, but did mark an increased awareness of the vulnerability of the service. Steve tried the “hands-off” approach in the 90s when he returned to Apple, making his title “interim CEO” rather than plain CEO, and our panel agrees Stevie J will have a hard time taking his hands off of the wheel, no matter how capable the team. Plus, given the fact that product development cycles are much longer than six months, Apple’s fate in the hands of Jobs’ successors remains uncertain with four months of leave. Regardless of the situation, one thing we can all agree on is a speedy recovery for Mr. Jobs.

thanks for joining us on Randall Bennett Twitter’s had a few problems that were characteristic of the early days of email but now will that trust well you have to add double check every lick every link here about to click let’s talk about some vulnerabilities with Twitter cross site scripting and to do that we bring in two of the experts we have Lance elin off from pcmag com he’s the editor in chief there Lansford thanks for joining us nice to be here also we have Kevin toefl from JK on the run Kevin thanks for being with us as well thanks for having me so briefly a 17 year old Brooklyn kid was bored and he created a Twitter worm that spreads tweets from person to person and if you click on one of these links you become quote infected although it’s not like a traditional virus it doesn’t infect your computer instead the person gains control of your account and for there’s the worm forward so in the past Twitter the links have been pretty reputable people haven’t had to worry about it Lance do you think that the culture of trust is changing on Twitter yeah well of course it is because the service is growing by leaps and bounds of it used to be like a little club was full of people who were really part of the the technorati the the web two point O crowd and they were all pretty trustworthy because they were really more interested in furthering the technology than anything else and now you’ve got well everybody from you know your aunts and uncles getting on to celebrities and I think that’s changed the mix the profile twitter has skyrocketed and so of course when something like that happens when you suddenly got 10 million people on the service it’s a pretty good target the funny thing that you just said is that it’s a 17 year old kid who felt bored that’s like the early days of the PC because that’s who used to make malware viruses and things like that now it’s organized crime it is kind of a shame because to your point it’s all about a web of trust obviously once you use that to us once you feel like you can’t forward along or can’t retweet a tweet post that’s really going to undermine the value of the entire service I think it’s interesting because you know if you look at the early days of email attachments or something that you know you have no problem sending or receiving and you know now if you open an email attack you have to be a hundred percent certain that email attachment something with valid Kevin do you think that you know twitter is kind of heading down that road where you’re going to really have to make sure that you know your friend is really sending you something valuable or do you think this is something that’s inevitable that you should think about all the time anyway well i mean i’m a fanboy of the cloud so you know I tend to be a little more cautious and even though I put myself out there I do think that we knew we need to be aware of this this type of nuisance annoyance and I think the problem isn’t Lance made some good points at how twitter has skyrocketed in popularity and built such a you know big target audience now I think the biggest problem here is that Twitter’s part of that real time web and you may have less time react and think about is this a good link is battling we don’t want to think about it we just want to click and be real time and maybe we all need to take like a five minute timeout in between we see the only see what I don’t know I know I think Twitter of your five minute timeout I think I mean Twitter obviously has some responsibility to it’s User to to his user base to keep people in the know if one of these worms is going on that was one of the things that people kind of were a little bit frustrated with it was they weren’t sure that the worm had happened until after they started trending on Twitter and then people were like I looked the worms happening I mean do you guys can you guys either of you think of any steps where Twitter could really step in and fix this or should they kind of keep going the way they’ve been going so I think Twitter the folks who run Twitter certainly did the outreach once they knew what was going on they posted that message you know problem is that they it’s really hard to get ahead of these things than getting out there so quickly but it certainly it is up to them to manage their service this yeah it’s fine Twitter was built and I always consider it a relatively simplistic service they try and you know they try and augment it in very small ways but most of the the cool stuff that you do on Twitter you do with third party applications yeah so wasn’t built as a rich environment and I feel like it was built a little bit like Swiss cheese so this can be a lot of time here where people are going to find these holes and exploit them so I’m hoping just dropped out you’re still here go hell yeah so I’m hoping that you know biz stone and company will spend a lot of time going through all of their code and making sure that it’s as solid as it can be but the other thing to think about its maybe it’s time for security software to hop into sort of the the short URL thing and the URL launching and get in between that and your Twitter interface and read them before you launch them so interesting to think that security software you know we’ve thought for years and years and years of this whole floppy disk based culture where you take a floppy and you put it in your computer and if you restart it’s going to break everything and it’s interesting to bring up that maybe security analysts have a role to you know help people be protected from the cloud I don’t know Kevin do you think how do you think people can get involved to fix this I think raising awareness is that is the big issue and really if I’m not mistaken this whole this whole my key thing was really more of a nuisance to point out the exploit or there was no actual damage exactly so I mean me personally if I found exploit I’d probably go to the developers but that’s just me I wouldn’t be you know it’s cuz you’re not 17 so this is true it wasn’t that long ago well maybe it was but you know actually going back Lance made a point about third party apps and that’s what all the functionality is I don’t think I was touched by this thing mainly because I do use Twitter through third party apps especially on an i.Phone constantly using Twitter phone and I’m not going to get hit by this I don’t think exactly you’re not and that’s it wasn’t softly right yeah so I tried tweetdeck I use tweetdeck all the time and your attempt first of all I don’t go directly to anybody’s profile page I view profiles inside tweetdeck it’s kind of interesting to think that most of Twitter’s like you were saying earlier key features have been built even their Twitter search engine rights that wasn’t even built by them that was built by a company that they acquired I mean I think Twitter really to stay in this they’re gonna have to be ahead of this I’m hoping they’ll figure out some way to do it let’s move on to another topic that’s hot right now of course Apple always gets all the page views everyone’s always looking for apple news steve jobs is nearing the end of his six month sabbatical you know it’s april he should expected to come back in june maybe the time for a good iphone launch but in the meantime he’s still doing some strategy and architecture according to Wall Street Journal they’re saying that maybe he’s helping out with that rumored apple tablet which I calls a unicorn because I don’t really think it exists but you know Steve Jobs obviously has been in ill health obviously he’s important to Apple if you look at the last 10 years for example Kevin do you think that maybe if Steve Jobs compass comes back he should just stick to strategy or do you think he’s crucial to the day to day success of Apple well first of all I hope that he does come back healthy or healthier yeah secondly to answer your question you know in my opinion he’s the face of Apple whether he’s strategy whether he’s presenting whether he’s chairman CEO coo whatever it is I think he needs a very big presence in the company at least for the time being however I don’t want to you know blindside her shorts I’d rather Tim Cook who’s done a great job partially I think because the company could kind of be on almost autopilot to a degree not to downplay what the company’s doing right now with Apple three point 0 for iphone and potentially a new iphone but you know I think Steve Jobs is that as best when he’s in front of people whatever position that might be it doesn’t matter to me as long as he can be up there and be part of the the face of the company what do you think Lance do you think he needs to be running the COO signing off on all the documents or you think he’s just better as a figurehead wow that’s a while that’s a big big leap there between figurehead and somebody signing off all the doctor Bob I think you know I think Steve Jobs cannot stop himself from being involved but I also you know you were talking earlier to me about you know there’s been a for he’s been away for about four or five months and everything’s been fine yeah but that’s actually not a good measure of a successful CEO or coo because development cycles is certainly much longer than that a product roadmap is is going to be 12 to 18 months and and that’s where while Steve Jobs is definitely the face of this company I think that’s where he’s played a crucial role is behind the scenes setting that roadmap and also making crucial decisions about products does want to talk about that that whole tablet thing you know that the I said on Twitter earlier too say that that wall street journal article is literally being read like tea leaves there isn’t a tremendous amount of information in it but it is spawned a thousand stories yeah and all of them are incredibly thin because I know Apple I talked to the people at Apple but you know they don’t actually talk to me meaning that we have conversations but nothing is set yeah they don’t tell me what products are doing they don’t give me a product roadmap and this really virtually no one I can think of where they really do so whatever wall street journal is talking about is still as they said people familiar with the situation close to the situation that’s not necessarily sources yeah i agree jun new iphone will there be anything else I don’t know well Steve Jobs be standing on that stage totally dependent on his health and I don’t know a thing about it I wish the man so much good health I hope he is well because he’s important to the industry it’s important to Apple but I have no idea yeah I think it’s interesting to note too that you know when Steve comes back whatever role he’ll play you know like you say the shuffle is really the only product that’s been introduced in the last you know six months that was a little bit of a tepid reception I’m not sure the Steve Jobs would have helped a reception at all but like you say I think the test will really be once the full product cycle is gone through and once we have a little bit more of just a test of Tim Cook and the rest of the Apple crew Lance Lance you know ulanov rather from pcmag com thanks for being with us and all a joke Kevin toefl from JK on the run always a pleasure Kevin I think you’re our second second repeater so that’s it’s a it’s a privilege right if I win a prize yeah exactly you should discover this show I’m Randall Bennett technique on for everything tech V and we’re all night. .