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Be Careful what you Tweet and post! I’m just saying

We need to be wise about what we say about our business dealings!.

be careful what you tweet cuz it could get you fired I’m just saying hey guys Dave conigliaro author of keeping your customers addicted to you keeping them feigning for you keeping them addicted to your story your product your information I’m that guy listen guys you got to be careful what you tweet man I got a great story for you guys today jets pizzeria I got the guy got the quote right here jets pizza and mansfield texas almost hired a girl until they saw her twitter account the twitter account read you i start this effing job tomorrow unquote she received seven thumbs down from her friends and negative emojis one of the employees of the pizza shop saw the tweet and showed the tweet to the owner of the store the owner of the store then logged into his twitter account and then tweeted back to her quote good luck being unemployed loser you don’t start this F and job tomorrow unquote okay this is where this is where you got to be very careful about what you’re posting what you’re tweeting I got another story for you this is an idiot this is another idiot there was a woman who she was all out of vacation day she was all out of sick days and she went to her employer and said hey my father is extremely ill he’s sick he’s on his deathbed and Puerto Rico can I go see him and you know the employer was you know kind to her and said yeah you know you could have the time off so she left and a few days later she contacted her employer and said Oh things have to gotten even worse he died and now can I can I at least stay for the funeral you know and and has the owner of the company said yeah yeah take as much time as you go to the funeral and then Monday morning rolled around it’s Monday morning every one of the every one at the the company is having their Monday morning meeting and the one of the CEOs or the directors of manager says hey be very nice to so and so she just lost her father and so just be careful with us you know she might be going through a lot of stuff when you see her anyway there was a woman in the board meeting she raised her arm and said sir that you’ve held up her macbook pro she was logged into the girls Facebook account and the girl was hugging up on her boyfriend you know her arms around his neck and it says man i’m really enjoying the bahamas too bad i have to go to work in a couple of days well anyway yeah look I mean you don’t have to go to work in a couple of days you don’t have to go to work at all because she lost her job listen guys you got it you got to be smart about what you post about what you tweet about remember the guy that was all angry about what chick fil a you know chick fil a being Pro traditional marriage and you know he basically held his phone up while he was in the drive thru and he says you know I’m gonna I’m gonna get back at this company you know this company is a hateful company and he’s sitting there and he’s talking to his phone and you know video in this and he’s all angry about he gets to the drive through and he’s berating the cashier about how horrible is she is as a person how could she work for a company that stands for hade and all this stuff well anyway he lost his job and his family he had a great job to 175,000 dollar a year job and just because of that one video and that one conversation you know got him fired and not only got him fired man if you follow his story he’s him and his family had to move they had to get out of their house their living on food stamps guys you got to be careful about what you post I’m just saying guys this is Dave chemically are if you’re enjoying any of the videos that we’ve put together any of this informational content be sure to click Subscribe and and we’ll take this relationship to the neck I’ll wait for you.