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This is a recording of our HoA on Twitter for Job Our panelists included Tang Choy from Algonquin College; Naomi House from I Need A Library Job (INALJ); and Synthia Salas from will be tweeting out the and mentioned in the Hangout on our Twitter feed, @ualbertaCAPS.

alright so thank you for joining us on Twitter for the job search hang out could I get you all to start by introducing yourself and i’ll start with naomi house on the on the side yes on mine a house i am the founder of I n ALJ ina LJ it stands for I need a library job and it is a library jobs website and web magazine ok and then Tang hi my name is Kang joy I’m an employment counselor at Algonquin College in Ottawa ok and then Cynthia hi I’m Cynthia I work with tweet my jobs and our company works with other companies to help them develop a social recruiting strategy to connect with job seekers all off the web okay all right so thanks everybody for joining us um I just want to start by talking just briefly about Twitter and then to give some background so Twitter is considered one of the big three of social networking and the other two are Facebook and Linked.In but what makes Twitter distinct from those services and how can twitter help a job seeker and how would I start with Cynthia this time sure so I think so Twitter is really great the great thing about it is it’s encouraged on there too just to engage with people you don’t know it’s encouraged and so much more open and public platform than something like Facebook where you typically keep your activity private within your network and so with Twitter everything is open and it makes it a really powerful search tool which as the job seeker it really lets you use twitter search much like you would use google search so you’re able to search for tweets containing keywords or phrases or hashtags that you’re interested in as a job seeker you with search you know for job types or industries or companies or locations and and find tweets that are relevant to what you’re looking for and it makes it there’s not really any other platform that you can do something like that I agree I actually I like that idea about Twitter is that you can get benefits from Twitter but you don’t have to join and I think that that’s important for a lot of our students that might be watching who have to get that concern do I have to join another network to use Twitter you don’t you can get more benefits if you do but you could still do a lot of work with Twitter without joining so tang do you want to talk about some of the things you think I help with job seeking when you use twitter definitely as so echoing similar thoughts and as well that twitter is a great platform because there’s a very high level of engagement there’s lots of opportunities for students alumni recent graduates to reach out to industry thought leaders potential recruiters from companies of interest to follow to follow companies these leaders as well so that you start to get this information to so in addition to the engagement level I think Twitter it’s one of the best resources for up to date information there’s always a constant live stream of industry news that you can tap into in addition it is also has that limitation of characters too so it does force you in a way to be very concise with your thought process and your communication so that you hit keywords in your field that your communication and communicating information that will be most relevant to a potential employer and I also a mentor of people are watching that we were able to get Tang on the Hangout because of a Twitter connection that I had that she but then my connection had so Twitter can have that impact that you can actually find people who can help you you know learn more stuff which is also part of career development so Naomi do you want to talk about Twitter and job seeking and I should mention I found out about your website because of Twitter that’s how I found out about you first and then I was driven to your website yeah yeah yes yeah I’m I used Twitter as a great way of branding and marketing myself as a site and building my um building the clout Ling my building my knowledge based basically I use Twitter impacts to learn learn from other librarians um one thing that I really like about that my at work when they do post a job they usually are already familiar with the people that they are sharing these people I’ve interacted with I feel like I have a better chance of getting hired at a job that as I found it through my network dad no I I think that’s really important that people just don’t um with those short bursts it doesn’t feel like your friends but still you get access to so much information through Twitter and I think that that’s that’s the positive power of that one too so are their sectors or occupational groups that might use Twitter more than others is this something that you’ve discovered i actually will start with me only because maybe she can talk to the specific profession for this one store mean librarians are very engaged in twitter there are I would say we were one of the mug age but so are HR groups so as somebody who posts and shares jobs I don’t just follow librarian different tweet chats and I participate in them with HR professionals and business professionals women in business like elevate there’s a group call a chat every week called HB rogue stands for her business rogue they kind of took over the Harvard Business CLE chat and so I meet people in industries that may not realize they need librarians or they need information professionals at Asian mhmmm twitter is the only platform I’m able to have them on do you want to just mention briefly about the Twitter chats that you have in the tags they could follow yes what would is the tag to have those on there so um sure so um with my chats that are starting back up on Mondays in in August it’s um it’s going to be I nuh LJ chat the I n N word with hash Pat gave proud of it I also follow a lid chat which is a us based but in focused weekly chat on Wednesdays that’s Li B CH 80 and basically i’m on twitter kind of almost all the time looking and seeing what chats other people are participating in and just jumping in to you persuade in my my tweets and my answers that librarians have reason to be part of that conversation they should be listening to that yeah um so Cynthia groups do you do you notice at well between my jobs actually has a special case because you guys actually offer specific channels by industry which i think is really super clever but do you guys notice that there’s more occupational groups or sectors that others that seem to be more active on Twitter um not I mean there isn’t one that overwhelming that’s over wrong I think that companies have realized that a lot of people are using Twitter and a lot of people are using social media and Twitter because it’s so open in public it’s a really easy platform for companies to distribute their jobs on so between my jobs we work with companies really in almost every industry who are using Twitter to reach jobseekers so their companies have entire accounts created specifically just for information about their jobs and careers you know side from the regular handle so Starbucks for example they have their at starbucks handle which is their main brand they have something completely separate called starbucks jobs and that’s their careers and our geico for example of the geico careers and that’s all about who they’re hiring what their job openings are job fairs they might have like advice from their recruiters and it’s all specifically for job seekers out content is one hundred percent job seeker content and so from you know health care providers who are hiring nurses and corporations looking for sales professionals and all the way you know to restaurant and retail chains who are hiring our time hourly positions they’re all using Twitter so it’s really you know from entry level all the way up to you know like senior positions in all industries their companies are using Twitter okay um I also so I mentioned that you have the specific channels that you can go on and check so when you go onto your website I have those in there I really like those I do I should have also mentioned to the other thing I really like about to eat my job’s is localization which will probably talk more about but that I really think is brilliant that’s a really good idea um yeah so from our home page just to give you an idea where that is if you go to tweet my jobs com in up on the top there it’s called about job channels on Twitter and so that’s where you type in the industry location where you’re looking for so that you can find those Twitter accounts that are specifically for you know marketing jobs in New York or sales positions in San Francisco we have those all across all across the world really for all industry the locations yes dear viewers they do have channels for Edmonton just so you know I did go and check they do have them on there so you can go check on those they do have them um somewhat um the Tang you seem to have like a diverse following because the person who I follow actually does stuff on food on Twitter and then she connected me to you so you seem to have a big grouping on there so that’s kind of Twitter and the different groups are on there mm hmm I activating similar thoughts as when I am I both Cynthia I’ve already said too definitely i do see a very wide range of representation on Twitter just because HR company’s HR departments are definitely on using Twitter to recruit talent something I would say though is that there are certain industries from my experience looking on Twitter that there tend to be more industry leaders or just more individuals who tend to use it from the field and in particularly business IT media related streams as well that I will tend to see more individuals from those areas that’s not to say though that there won’t be individuals from healthcare or government on there it is just something that I notice that sometimes I do see as many 121 practitioners that are on there but again there will always be someone there if you do enough research ya know and and even if it’s not specific to your industry you can find somebody local to you in your community that will help you and I think that that’s really important to you that those interconnections which everybody here is mentioned that they can pass stuff on is really simple on Twitter and you don’t necessarily have to join twitter to get the passed on information do you think that Twitter works better for a particular type of job seeker and if I could go back to Naomi for this one yes um I think that for me the the most you’re going to get out of Twitter engagement it’s not a very static place it’s not you know a jobs in one just one location nessa see um it’s it’s all about engagement so I found that talking to people and the reputation that I’ve built within my field on twitter has been key so you know you can be passive in how you use twitter but i recommend people be actively engaged those people will get the most out of Twitter um you know I agree with that too I do feel overwhelmed sometimes by Twitter how do you deal with just how much activity there is on Twitter just for Naomi for this one sure sure and this is you can create little soft keep well you can add people to list where you just follow maybe people in a very certain geographic area on 1 list on another list you follow us or maybe overlap so using the tools on Twitter to focus the conversations can be key um I’m a serendipity person I believe very much that I’m going to get more out of something i randomly see then something I schedule it’s just been they actually don’t you use those lists as much and I just go on at several different times of day and see what other people are talking about and join converse I feel comfortable and joining and it doesn’t sound like something direct to do for job hunting but it is filled a small our field we all know each other or we know somebody who knows you so you know the hat that can be the introduction unique especially in a tight job market yes um so tang what do you think that Twitter works better for a particular type of job seeker I think Twitter can be a beneficial for any type of job seekers so not one group in particular just because of the things we’ve already discussed the wide wide facet a barrier said Twitter convenience for like what nine Yin mentioned as well with the engagement level so definitely being able to reach out to whether it’s going to be industry leaders or other contacts it could even be an interest group that you have that you start to reach out to individuals that you see on twitter there also as well twitter is a really great way to stay up to date with information so again so we’re saying those trends that are happening within a certain industry away what might have pertained to a particular company of interest if students or job seekers in general are starting to target specific companies they want to work for also it is a really great way to do brand yourself so Twitter each time you post you are craving your personal brand or creating your voice online so Twitter is really a great platform to do that for yet I’m glad that you mention that because tank you and I both deal one on one with students and so dear students when you have to prepare for that question tell us about your company if you have actually followed some of the stuff they’ve posted on your Twitter feed that you can actually talk about some of the things they post it on so this following them especially if you’re targeting someone specifically i think is a really great idea so since they need you have anything to add do you think this Twitter works better for a particular type of job seeker III agree with saying that i think it can really work for any type of job seeker you just have to learn how to use the platform to your advantage to find what you’re looking for so I I think that it isn’t necessarily evening even especially if you’re new to Twitter because like you said a lot of students sometimes don’t know how to get started or it’s overwhelming when you get on there I think it isn’t even about having a lot of followers or tweeting to a lot of other people at least in the beginning I think it’s really a great tool for discovery and the main thing to focus on if you’re not you know trying to you know your goal shouldn’t be like in thousand followers it should be like how to use it efficiently for yourself and how to search through the million tweets that are being and out every day so i would really i think for people who are new to twitter and maybe don’t know where to start is like focus on using twitter search to find relevant information an opportunity that you’re interested in and to go from there that’s that’s really good advice and just to mention for people who might be watching we are going to post some of these resources that are our twitter feed we’re going to include some of the tools that you can use for twitter search so just to mention that we’re gonna post those out there um so many job seekers actually think of location as an afterthought but where you need your job is actually very important so how does Twitter assist with localization so if we could start actually Cynthia because their company actually incorporates that in there yeah so Twitter actually has developed really powerful tools for geolocation and they have a whole thing called Twitter geolocation targeting that allows you to find tweets that have been sent from a specific location so this is hashtags aside and keywords narrow things aside you can use Twitter’s Twitter’s advanced search panel which you can find at twitter. com slash search dash advanced and so this you’ll see a field there were two the option to search for tweets by city or region and so if you wanted to find tweaks that were sent from Los Angeles California you can search that on Twitter and it doesn’t necessarily need to say in the tweet los angeles california it’s just because you users turn on geo targeting when they’re sending your tweets twitter can then pull in that information to first so that you can filter searches according to distance so for example as a job seeker using advanced search on Twitter you can search for the phrase mark job you know that phrase that wrote appears was going to eat but only within a certain radius of where you live or a location that you’re interested in moving to ok um Naomi do you have a comment about like using localization especially in our profession so sure um well well why I heard of my head editors um if you’re not familiar with my site we have a different page for jobs for each province or state and we’re moving internationally so some of the provinces like Ontario have handle or they’ll tweet things out as well um local tins you can follow on Twitter um you know those the LA and Canadian Library Association they’re all on Twitter find out what they’re tweeting because sometimes that’ll be the first place you will see a job ad and sometimes getting your application in at the beginning when they are not can be key to being truly seen by the HR committee yeah so twittered offers that opportunity to be first I think that’s important um Tang what do you think about localization um because we work on a campus as well too i don’t know if you all saw it the restriction sometimes that students can only work on campus do you have any comment on that or just like needing to be in a specific region oh well that’s something that i would suggest is just really note the twitter information as accurately as possible i know sometimes people will keep it very broad like oh i’m in the universe somewhere but if you fill out your location information and you start to tailor your handle that way Twitter will be able to customize results they’re tailored to your handle so for instance even on the sidebar Westers recommend trending topics those are often a great way to a scope of popular events are happening in your region so just to give you an example this past weekend in Ottawa there was a social capital conference that was happening and that became a trending topic and even for myself I had people that start reaching out to me retweeting or dressing mention mentioning me because they saw me commenting and using that hashtag and they had popped into the training topics and all along there so it’s a great way to stay on top of dis events or even large scale happening side are occurring in the region you’re in also as well using those hashtags and students that you can search for hashtags like hashtag John Tesh thing tweet my jobs and start to add the location to so as an example you’re in Ottawa a hashtag that’s usually the hashtag auto TT jobs and that’s going to be something that’s maybe a bit more tailored to the region as all okay um so for people who don’t have a twitter account or for users who just flirted with twitter but aren’t frequent users how can they get more out of their accounts one job seeking if i could start with cynthia yeah definitely so the first thing really is upload a photo of yourself and add a bio it’s the easiest thing and it makes your real profile for one hundred percent more legitimate than all of the profiles that have just the default egg photo with you know like an orange background so your bow really can be simple saying where you go to school what you’re studying or where you’re hoping to find a job or for your interested in learning about how it doesn’t need to be you know crazy long vile but really if you’re just getting started I think you just want to become familiar with it and how it’s used in different ways by both people and brands if you have favorite websites that you visit or TV shows that you watch they probably have a Twitter account that you can follow anyone they’ll have nothing to do with jobs it just makes you become a little bit more comfortable with twitter when you’re getting started because again if there’s so much information on that sometimes you don’t know where to start they think like you can start there to ease into Twitter and become comfortable Twitter etiquette and see how people are using it so that you don’t just get started in your first tweet is like I need a job you know because like that’s you know that’s not really going to help you out in any way you want to like learn how to how brands are using it in learn how to engage with them so i think really learn to use it for fun before you you try you that you know land a job you know anything again you know I think you bring up a good point because there’s a lot of hesitation sometimes for people to share themselves on social media but you know if you share yourself on social media you’re sharing your personality and your to be a human is not bad we’re sometimes we’re concerned is is if you might have said negative or mean things so it’s it’s to think about those things before you post but posting that you think gal Godot look great as wonder woman and that costume is awesome that’s not bad so I think that you know that idea of just sort of sharing yourself a little bit is a good once I’m glad that you brought that up and I think people could be comfortable doing that what advice do you have for people to get started chatting I think you bring up a really great point to Christine and in terms of just that our social media platforms are definitely becoming more of a mix between professional and personal accounts in other different schools of thought on this as well but they just give you an example my own account is a mix of both professional and personal I don’t have separate accounts for work and or other tweets I might be sending out and it does go back to that notion think twice before you post but yes it’s also platform that you can start to showcase your personalities some more with that in mind I would touch more on the branding component to a similar to things that since you’ve already mentioned I’m having that if you are going to be using Twitter for your job search having professional looking headshot that’s posted on there even better if you’re on linkedin and that’s job seekers hopefully those listening are on linkedin already you might actually sink the two avatars together to so your images start to be very consistent across both platforms also as well maximizing the background even too so you can upload that strip now on Twitter and if there are certain things you might be known but when maybe you create something using Photoshop that will surja highlight an image of you perhaps delivering or facilitation of facilitating a session if that’s something key in your field or if you’re in something that’s a more creative industry perhaps some of your work you might showcase as a background with in your bio I typically will suggest to try and maximize the number directors you have starting to think about what are keywords or key concepts that might be prevalent in your industry because when people go to your football often my first things they see is both your photo your background but then also looking at your bio as well to see if there is going to be that connection so it is nice to how key words from your industry but also showcasing some of your personality tube if you’re interested in certain events or how particular interests that you also dive into I would also suggest linking your Linked. In profile URL so customizing that having that to your Twitter bio or if you have an online portfolio of some sort that you might link to it as well so again for people who have ways to connect and reach you on other platforms something that I will mention too is just thinking in terms of the content you’re going to share typically a tip that’ll give our clients I work with is this 8020 rule notion that if you do start sharing content once you start feel comfortable if you’re starting off i would suggest keep in mind eighty percent of your retweets content that you might be posting it should be beneficial to your target industry or your network so are those going to bees for articles related to your industry is that going to be an inspirational quote of some sort maybe some sort of photo so you want to mix up the content as well so it’s not just text so it breaks it up because you will have people with different learning styles who will go through your feet but eighty percent of time should be useful to your network twenty percent of time it can start me a bit more self promotional especially as a job seeker so for instance if you attended a professional development session so maybe right now you’re listening in on this google hangout about using twitter for job search you might tweet about that because that shows you’re staying up to date you’re participating in other events if you can do networking event you might commute about that if you guys have to the certification of some sort you might mention that so again things that can be a bit more self emotional could even be those reminders that you are still looking for a job and as cynthia mention we do want to be tactful about that but we don’t mention it once in a while your network might not be aware that you are looking so it is so something we will want to mention and just last thing as well maximizing features like using retweets once in a while vibrating tweets favoriting yes it shows that you kind of it’s anonymous almost look like but the same time can help people mark certain articles perhaps that you come across that maybe right now you don’t have the time to look at but you can come back to it in your favorites list later on and then just using relevant hashtags when you go to events so that you will start to cut off up in certain beads okay um i see that naomi has come back i think you might be experiencing some bandwidth issues that might be the problem do you have any advice for people who are just you know not really frequent users or are hesitant to even try to get into Twitter how do you think that they should start Naomi yeah um sorry I I was gone for a minute so I started thinking about twitter is that whatever you end up putting out there is going to is up to you you can communicate as little um positively as you want you can get yourself engaged in some way nasty battles on there so you just have to be careful about that um but you’re not going to have any I don’t know you’re not going to be using Twitter to its best advantage as a lot very professional if you are not engaging in chats not engaging with other librarians even if it’s just thanking them for something that they wrote or vm he’s still signing up picking a fairly innocuous name you can try a temporary twitter account try something out to it to you with your name in your face to get comfortable with it there’s no no problem in doing that and self out there you’re going to have to get out there and actually try it there are people who like Twitter and they’re you know once you use it for a while if you do spoken linkedin i found it to be key in finding out what’s going on the pulse of our community and our job hunting community yeah i mean this currency idea we’ve come back to there is one thing i just didn’t want to draw our viewers attention to is we talked about having the professional headshot and profile and tang had really great advice but making sure that that was current between your linkedin and your twitter so that they have a concordance i recognized the two types of people linkedin actually said that they found that people are seven times more likely to click on your profile if you have a picture because it looks like it’s a human that that’s a real person you’re not getting a spam or anything else from there I don’t think twitter’s done the same we do though have students who do have some issues where they might have a security issue where they don’t want to have their picture out there or they may be concerned that their picture does not like their their personal presence does not put them forward in the best light in that case do you guys have any opinion on like maybe using a logo or something else to represent yourself online do you have any recommendations for that or thoughts anyone can take this question if you have a suggestion on this one okay sir i have 100 money yeah yeah naomi go for it sorry about that okay um I used to work I was the circulation manager at a university and I refuse to have my face on facebook or twitter because I was the person in charge of fines and fees and I didn’t want to down off campus so yeah it’s um even on linkedin if if there’s a trick to UM go ahead a lot of people you have photos I mean twitter is a little bit lighter than some of the more serious scholars and our don’t feel company their their face up there so they may have an avatar that has a basic representation of all the madmen avatars were really popular um so you know I I think as long as it’s something that represents you and it’s not gory horror fensive um you know it’s certainly a way that you can show your creative hope we just lost down there for a second but Cynthia what was your advice on this one uh yeah one thing that I think is okay like Amy said twitter is a little bit lighter and sometimes you can get away with some kind of goofy photos if you have a pet a picture of your pet on there I think that’s okay a lot of people so if you’re comfortable putting the photo of you when you were younger like you know from like baby they’re like five years old and times people think that’s that’s kind of fun to have like your childhood photo on there it’s still you but it’s you know not the kind of person view I think there’s a few good options okay and Tang what’s your opinion on that one like using a logo or some other identifier on this one none you don’t get to get a bit of flack for this but I I do suggest using your photo and so it doesn’t have to be the exact same photo as Linked. In because like many of you have already mentioned that Twitter because it is often a mix of both professional and personal as well that it is a bit lighter so it could be a photo of you in another setting even but I I suggest using a fool that’s true to you just because at the end of the day the employer hopefully we’ll meet you eventually anyways and it’s their way to start to be able to identify you because your face is very unique to you that’s something that’s not going to be the same as anyone else and that’s kind of again completing that brand for yourself so I start to know oh hey this is this is tanks profile I see you here i sear on other mediums I I do realize that there are concerns so if someone was very very uncomfortable with it i would suggest something along the lines perhaps designing a logo for yourself and then if anything that can go back to your mark and your brand as well that you start to affiliate that marketing logo at a medium sized on okay no I I appreciate those opinions no we missed the last part of your your opinion on this topic did you have something bad on this one um I’m trying to think where I it I guess um it depends on what you’re using Twitter for there are people who tend to brand themselves as a certain type of librarian readers advisory children some technical in um so you know it that can also be something that we tend to have less professional titles in our Twitter handles mine’s not at Naomi House mindset need a library job but within our field that is or that creativity and that kind of a thing so I think we’re a little bit different in that respect um because I’m the one in the work ah that’s that’s why I have my face up there and I’m no longer dealing with angry undergrads and they’re finding fees and i think is my safety is less less less at risk no all good things to think about the point you brought up about the idea of being consistent with your brand you could choose an avatar but make sure that it’s consistent with the brand that you’re planning to use and hang out you’re the idea that your face is so unique to you i think is also something that student you should consider and just you know not to be so harsh on themselves when they’re thinking oh no one will love me with this picture well we will probably still hire you so you know don’t don’t be too concerned i think some of the issues we have the two that some people have like a lot of tattoos or piercings and they may be moving in an industry that might be more conservative for that and they don’t necessarily want that to be their first representation to an employer you know come in and talk to us or put it out on Twitter and ask for feedback from people in your profession to see what they say that’s what I would recommend in this case I don’t know if anybody else has any other advice on this one we do have a lot of hesitation with people with putting up their pictures but just something I wanted to address so who’s there another comment for that one oh I’m sorry oh that’s okay yeah um when you’re in the Hangout anything’s latest move it sits back to you sorry oh yeah hey um with tattoos and with piercings and things that um I’ve had friends you know for the mo tattoos at least are not on my say so you know the yapper and the your picture is a great big problem a lot of people in our field if I’m going to be comfortable a workplace in a be an environment that’s going to support me they’re going to support me as a human being in total already heavily tattooed and heavily pierced trying to hide that is not going to do you any favors because whether it’s somebody in the Iraq recognized me because of my photo for them at the positive hey I recognize you you know that kind of a being yourself is going new key um you if you if you’re if you’re really not going to fit in rid of organization it’s best you don’t even start so I know within our field we tend to be men um if that yeah you know know yourself how you self identify then you’re going to want to be at a place that supports that and from the beginning so your your photo can be very helpful in that respect finding the right match yeah this idea that it represents you i think is a really important one and that you can make some decisions around the brand and what you’d like to do and things like that i think you guys have all structured that and i agree with all of those opinions and that you know people can make their choice based on you know how comfortable they are with those things um so do you have any tools or twitter servers that you recommend to users and if we go back to Cynthia Cynthia for this one yeah so hey hey I also here at to my jobs in her company career group I managed all of our brand social media as well so for me personally like Hoot. Suite is my go to tool for social media management not just for our company accounts but also for all of my personal accounts it allows you to put everything into one dashboard which makes it really convenient you’re not you know do you don’t have six different tabs open logged in 12 different accounts but which we also just really great for anyone who’s interested in developing their digital skills you don’t have to be a social media manager to use it they have an entire social media education certification platform as part of their service and so every semester we have our own interns to come into the office I go through this just to show them how companies and big brands manage their presence online but also so that in turn themselves can start to learn you know how they can develop their own personal brand and learn how to use social media to their advantage so you don’t necessarily need to be an aspiring social media manager to use this tool it really just going to help you learn how to navigate social media and really use it to your advantage so let’s take my go to that’s your favorite one yeah okay I’m tang what tools do you recommend for people to use a Samara Leland suite is simply applications that you can use to help with management also great is it you can also schedule tweets too so sometimes and people are going to get the wall how much time will this take to have to be on here all the time to be posting and monitoring and replying there with each week you can start to maybe you set aside a day where you start to look up certain articles or a certain resources and you can schedule that to note the week then something i would say about that though and people have you even heard from colleagues is that if you do do that by it might some help keep track of it because then once it sends it out sometimes you forgot me that you’ve you’ve scheduled that to go and you start getting your eyes to it is like whoa did i post or when did i post that but again it the feature is there if that’s something that you want to do to stay active on Twitter just because it was something named we had mentioned by side especially with a platform like to air if it’s something you start it is one of those problems i highly suggest that you maintain even if possible on a daily basis because you met myself if i go to an account and i see that someone’s been active inactive for even a week I I think this I go how come how come they’re not posting just because Twitter is one of those platforms where there are so many clothes so doesn’t you have to post every minute but it is posting two of the day then whether it’s going to be updates replies etc and some other platforms I might suggest as well is man we had touched on this absolutely earlier what was cream lists so it was a really great way to start to as a job seeker to consolidate information so whether you’re looking for jobs a certain region and you want to put companies and their that list or maybe certain people that you’re following that say for instance for myself if I want to create a list for development practitioners that I’m following just so I can go to that particular list and see what people are talking about their career I’m very big on linkedin as well so maybe I have a Linked. In list so I can see what the updates are there for each time the platform changes or they launch a new app so this is a really beneficial as a job seeker can help organize your content so everything isn’t just on one stream there’s nothing wrong with the London main main feed except the only thing is you can sometimes miss important tweets just because there are so many especially if you follow a lot of the trolls or companies currently so some problems you could use twit list manager calm I find is is it’s a nice third party app that you can use to just tick off who we want to slot underneath a particular list there’s also twit I lists calm and that’s not another resource to their there are a lot out there I’m just having a few right now and Twitter of course you can create this through that own platform it’s just I find it sometimes a bit more challenging once you have what people you’re following already and you’re trying to go back to create those lists so Twitter itself it is great if you’re starting off and you’re just turning to all people to create lists from bottom up but if you’ve already say alesund individuals on to it already it can be a bit challenging to do that’s why would suggest looking for third party app to help with managing the lists okay and Naomi are there any tools that you would recommend to users all right ones okay and we also have i’ve used Hoot.

Suite as well well um fantastic when I have more than one chat goes mostly for Chad okay um so everybody saw me writing those down i’m gonna post those out on our twitter feed so you will be able to get those later for people who are watching there’s one i want to mention for our users you too um there’s a tool called social bro and it just works i believe just for twitter and what it does is you can analyze who’s followed you and who are you following so it’s a good way to sort of gauge how many people are interacting with you if you have some concerns about that and it could also tell you unexpectedly that there’s human resource professionals that are actually following your tweets so if you’re curious to see that some of the stuff that your dooms have an impact I would really recommend trying to use social bow I’m glad everybody brought up Hoot.Suite because this idea of scheduling i think is really important but also keep in mind you need to do the extra step of like remembering what you did tweet out or what you put in your schedule to go through just because you think you’ve made it easier you might have actually made things more confusing for yourself so automating subtypes isn’t the best solution so before we leave is there anything else you want to mention about Twitter and the job search or initiatives with your organization that you want to talk about for our viewers that we can access if we could start with Naomi um yeah so all of my links to everything that I do on my website ina LJ com so you can link into my facebook look everything that we do on all of our platforms and so that’s what we’re doing right now and just I I’m making of Twitter as far as using it not just in job hunting but a um career development I find out what scanned that leads me to people I may want to work with our places I may not have considered especially if your mobile and the Joseph big geographic area that you’re looking in that’s a great limiter but when you don’t you’re going to need other ways to limit and Twitter can help who are the people who are doing things that excite you companies as well as libraries so i use it daily ok i do want to mention also about your website is that you have really great advice and articles on there and it’s not just for people who are currently in the field that we actually refer people who are thinking about going into library studies to take a look at some of the articles you’ve written on there because i think it gives them a good overview and i also want to say your keyword list was probably one of the most brilliant ideas and we get that question a lot and I think it really helps a lot of people so I just want to say that you know there’s a lot of great stuff on your site and like I said I discovered you through Twitter but I think there’s a lot of resources out there even for prospective students so for viewers who are watching or thinking about that i really recommend that tonight so tang is there anything else wanna mention book twitter is there something else that we could talk about with some initiatives in your office I might I talk about Twitter and gentle person didn’t you talk about a few things that were doing here at Algonquin and something that probably can’t stress enough it made me fit into earlier on was just really another mean at point with twitter is the engagement reaching out to individuals that providing my opportunity to maybe ask questions or two to interact with someone that you may not normally have access to and I know that when I work with students or alumni at 121 one of the questions I guess I’m not sure what’s cool story I don’t know how do we talk to someone how can I do this you’ll you’ll be very surprised that sometimes it can’t even be able stirring up all of them but after you follow someone and maybe put them in a list that you can one denies if it’s windy ables to recruiter site you calling from there check the list and if they are maybe dimension is an update about rent that they’re hosting favorite that because again they will receive those notifications I do a light painting or favoriting a post of theirs you don’t have to do it every single time but again you know once in a while that only you’re reminding something culture presence there also as well if it’s something that you are very passionate about they’ve been commenting about it so they did an event I couldn’t be oh wow that looks like a great opportunity for someone to gain skills or or to gain experience in whatever area a simple comment like that you’re trying to engage that individual and you’ll be surprised most often more often than not that individual will respond back to you because they’re also trying to maintain the brand for their organization in their company and they realize that the engagement on social is very very important so that’s a way to starting with indoor sometimes I’ve even heard stories from just to give a shout out to a company that uses social very very well as RVC as a Bank RBC they have branded themselves very well all the recruiters are on there you know which RBC at which recruiter is who because they have that local in the bath but when they were in a tweet they’ll approve of their event my purchase and individual actually landed an internship later on because he spawned the conversation got it going because they tweeted a photo event and he made a witty comment like oh oh what if I bought two love birthday cakes or something along those lines because they were celebrating an anniversary of some sort that sparked a conversation he maintain that connection in the future and eventually he he did so apply through normal job search processes but that was just kind of way of getting contacts and those with shooters in advance and ended up landing an internship eventually with RBC so Twitter on its own is not going to land 2 i’m still per se but it’s definitely blending tool that can complement the rest of your job search initiative because there are a plethora of jalsa strategies that you can be implementing something that i will just start to close off on in it’s just checking out you’re your cap center or your career center wherever you’re watching from to see what kinds of a social media initiatives or always at your Center is currently engaging with employers so just to give you an example at Algonquin College in Ottawa we actually have a central tortor handle for all of our student services so unlike the u of a half Center we we don’t have our own Twitter handful for the first Center so one way that we differentiated ourselves as created hashtags that students can follow so for instance by searching AC job tips or hashtag AC campus recruit students are then able to start to turn up certain tweets are affiliated with our Center so again this is going to be a unique to each Center I’m sure cap Center events it will be particular hashtags that will be used another really great way to just check out what’s happening on campus and this does leave feedback to Twitter traps to there are lots of different Twitter chats that are being facilitated in various industries they happen throughout the day as well different time zone really really great way to get the industry insight to find people to follow and also to put yourself out there to participating in these chats people start to look to you as someone was great information to share and who it was a leader in their field so just a few ideas there to help with your branding yeah I mean both know man Tang have mentioned these Twitter chats and those are a great way to actually get more followers because I know when I go to live events and I actually tweet from them I’ll usually pick up four or five new followers from people who have been at the event and who also saw my tweet go out and then just engaging in the conversation so I’m really glad that you both brought those up Cynthia before we leave is there anything else you want to mention about Twitter or some initiatives that are coming out of tweet my jobs um I mean I would just really love to a lot of people know to be my job is completely free for job seekers so we have those that search tool available where you can find the Twitter accounts that are tweeting out jobs in your industry and desired location um of course it’s free to follow those accounts there on Twitter but if you sign up on the side we also help you we find ways to match you with jobs that are being posted not just on twitter by you through email and and beautify and yeah free tool and i like you said we have edmonton jobs so encourage everybody to test it out yeah um you didn’t also mention for employers I’m we do have some employers that might be interested as well and tweet my job does have some case studies on their site from four different industries so if you’re curious I would recommend going to check those out it just gives you an idea i think also for jobseekers when we’re talking about specific types that they can see that their industries also represented on there so i think and we even job seekers can benefit from those yeah and it’s a good way to if you’re interested in like how companies are using twitter it kind of helps you if you know the employer strategy then you can kind of tailor your strategy because now you know what they’re doing on there so yeah those case studies are free to download as well on the site yeah it’s a very good point knowing how they use it will help inform your strategy i think that’s something that’s really important so to wrap up i just want to thank all of our guests we have Naomi House we have tank choy and Cynthia Salas I’m going to stop our broadcast and we’re going to move into the green room and as I mentioned before all of the resources we had for this video we’re going to be putting out on our Twitter feed throughout this week so if you want more information on that you just need to go and check out on our website and follow us on Twitter so thanks very much everybody okay. .