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hi my name is Jason Elba and today we’re going to talk about Twitter now my background for the last few years has been in career management and job search I got involved in early two thousand six when I lost my own job now after you have to be on linkedin you have to have a strong solid strategy there’s other things that we’re going to talk about and I’m I do anything was februari nine of oh nine so it’s been a long time since I’ve tweeted some of the stuff that i know i need to do i just haven’t gotten around comcast com so he probably could have done better and put some kind of landing page that takes people by comcast help or something I notice as I got closer to not having any characters left I started going shorthand have a GT we but they don’t they just show who is saying what so you’ll see here that this person have no idea what this person’s name is 139 followers it’s not a lot but let me tell you something if you can get dr. supply chain to write something like at jay’s now but love your article on supply chain management for the 21st century or something like that if you can get this person to mention you that is word of mouth same with Alison Doyle she talks to pretty much the same audience that I’m talking to but let me go in and share some of my other tweets and share with you why it that way what you’re able to do is establish a thread of tweets and as you saw all you do is you click on it 12 it’s just because they have a Twitter profile that they’re getting pulled over okay and Roberto has you. .