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Meanwhile, rival platforms such as have already jumped the threshold of 1 billion active users per day.

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Twitter might start a new slew of layoffs that may affect up to eight percent of its workforce according to recent reports insiders familiar with the matter say that the social media company could hax as many as 300 jobs the platform might resort to sacking a large number of employees as it continues to face financial difficulties despite sustained efforts and shareholder pressure twitter has been unable to expand its audience and business and purported plans of selling the company seemed to have bombed bloomberg reports that the job cuts could be made public this week maybe prior to the q 3 2016 earnings report that is expected to be unveiled before the October 27th market opening the rumor did not affect withers shares which maintained their price in Monday post trading hours as a reminder the company stock is forty percent lower on a year over year comparison Jack Dorsey the helm of Twitter is pressure to make some difficult choices as he is both the head of the Twitterverse and CEO of square the mobile payment company this has caused some to wonder if he is capable of leading both companies toward positive results.