Twitter Jobs

Twitter is to cut hundreds of jobs after it said it will cut around 9% of its nearly 4,000-strong workforce.

Analysis from Niel Bornman from iProspect who believes Twitter won’t be able to find a buyer for the social media giant.

good news for that trade deal of course but pretty bad news coming out from Twitter today the micro blogging site has announced it’s going to be cutting about nine percent of its workforce it had been rumored last week revenue growth is also slowing as well during the third quarter that growth though it did come in slightly better than expected about six hundred and sixteen million dollars well with me now is Neil borneman who is the global chief product officer I prospect and Jack Dorsey the boss saying we have a clear plan do you believe him I’m skeptical I think his head the better part of this year to come up with that plan and make us believe I think you know some of the deals they’ve done around the NFL some of the you know the new approaches they take and we’re not seeing that translate into future growth of users and I think at the end of the day what we’re going to what we see no with the introduction of this stuff is are they getting ready for her for a sale yeah i mean but they’d been unable to find a Buy and it was pretty opening clear that they wanted one they’re still losing money I mean how are they finding it so tough I think partly they you know if you can pay their growth rates to the likes of Instagram and snapchat they haven’t been able to unlock a new following and a growing following base they’ve got trolling as a massive social issue that they’re dealing with but i think is something they’ve got to take some ownership of and resolve very quickly i think they’ve had too many management changes over the years they need to stay will stabilize the ship and actually bring to bear products that consumers won’t engage with yeah it’s been a real revolving door at the top hasn’t it and now they are placing a big bet on live streaming video you know they’ve signed lots of big deals do you think that’s the way forward for this company I think the way forward for most companies of their of there like of the ilk is video that’s what consumers want today that’s how they engage if you look at what snapchat is doing if you look at Instagram that is certainly the direction Facebook live all of these platforms are launching engagements for consumers that are video focused so this undoubtedly it’s that it’s one of the ways forward do you reckon twitter is actually gonna find a bar no another song sir if you look at what this year of sales for said he was king on on looking at Twitter but his investors said no way and I think that is a sign of the times people are very skeptical of is there a plan can they pull it out basically a rabbit out of a hat of you start growing their base and turned it into some profitable business there was a little bit of bright news from this company today they said that you know the the number of new users that they were bringing to the site was actually growing that it has grown a little bit better than expected so you know some of their plans working out for them yes I think again it’s this concept of what is expected you know they’ve had eight quarters of you know better than expected revenue but I think it’s been eight called the steering which the analysts typically have expected pure performance as a result you know so i think if we if we if you really stop comparing them to some of the guys they need to be compared with their growing slower than than the others they’ve got less people actively contributing to the platforms and i think that’s in the end gonna kind of result in some tough times ahead yeah very tough times ahead for twitter Neil bornman thank you very much for thank you so much.