Twitter Jobs

Digital media correspondent Winston Sih with the reaction from social media.

right we tried taxes the government doesn’t you know they put them all in the wrong place we tried everything to try and keep TTC fares low so once again it’s going to be the riders who are keeping cars off the road they get dinged once again with a ferric Sui thought let’s think outside the TTC fare box that’s our hashtag this morning is what can the TTC do what can the city do to try and keep fares low so my idea is that that TTC operators could deliver pizza I love you made this graphic too didn’t you well you worked with it yes I’m sorry so basically you come to a stop and as long as it’s like five minutes when stop the driver just puts the the bus in park just tells everybody to sit still and don’t steal the bus and runs out deliver speech that that keeps fares low okay the driver makes some tips okay i was thinking they could maybe take your kids to school so during rush hour they could stop at schools and and they can make sure the kids get in safe we’ve already got one this I just tweeted inside we got one response here this is a good idea to so with all the camera equipment that they use to take the student photo IDs yeah they can do password accordi passport photos so what’s the ash tag think outside the box the inside the TTC fair think outside the fare box think outside the fair bear box there it is so let me know what you think you know what else is causing a lot of conversation this is an article City News dot CA put up and the 70s are calling back there is a job posting that went on the went quite viral with a lot of rightfully so there’s a lot of controversy around this this is the posting that I’m talking about this is from Linked.In from Linked. In and it’s a company called vesture inet and they posted for a content creator there a web development company and in their job posting you know they describe the job and at the end it says please note the position requires filling in of the responsibilities of a receptionist so female candidates are preferred and that was the line that got everybody all up in arms Wow yeah and so now they have responded since then as sort of an apology what do they say they saw the ton of the backlash they got I can just whip through a few of them right now you know God smacking Lee ignorant off Sally wait gobsmacking Lee Joanne says you know on aside from this being an embarrassing embarrassing Lee sexist you know you’re violating the Human Rights Code and Robin saying you know what go on here’s the shovel so what are they say they posted a response they didn’t really wanted to speak to it other than saying they didn’t mean to discriminate against any particular gender or group but they weren’t discriminating they were being sexist they think were they were stereotyped to apologize yeah and someone in HR needs to kind of overlook over see what goes on there because this isn’t right but I’m a lot I wonderful a job has been filled I wonder if it baby let’s pull the job posting Debbie pulled it down yeah and and I believe I believe someone did a story on it on City News last saying they were saying that they were trying to even out the company is very male dominated and they were trying to even it out with more females so that’s why they put that on the posting maybe that wasn’t the right move no I don’t think so all right there are other ways all right thank you. .