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hey there’s daven michaels and today I’m coming to you from Cozumel Mexico behind me ancient Mayan ruins of tulum it’s awe inspiring and one way to share this message is through social media one of the tools that we use for social media is Twitter and I want to chat with you about Twitter today you know it’s interesting though to know we opened our doors at one two three we were actually a call center we did clients report and customer service and although that’s still a big chunk of our business almost ninety eight percent of our new clients now ask us for social media huge shift over just the last few years it’s really quite amazing so Twitter can be used for a lot of different reasons we can use it to drive traffic to our website we can also use it to show some proof in our brand and one thing that seems to be overlooked quite often is that you can also use Twitter as an SEO tool and how do we do that well as people are retweet retweeting your keyword rich message they are building your ranking the search engines and that’s because google has recently changed their algorithms to skew towards in social media interaction that’s changing more and more it’s going to continue in that same trend and that’s because if people share your message it’s considered important in the world and it’s now going to be considered important in cyberspace so how do we do this well to properly utilize Twitter we have to have a big region I have followers on Twitter and you should have many as well and we can actually use software tools to do this I’ll list some of the tools in the resources here on this page for you i’m not going to imagine them because they change all the time so i’ll go ahead and just put some new ones in there you can feel free to check them out now you can run these software tools yourself but if your time is worth more than around six dollars an hour which I presume and I you get more information just by clicking on the get more info link below this video so the message for today is get on Twitter if you’re on now if you are yourselves followers use some of the tools you virtual assistant get your message out to the world and use it as a CEO juice your website until next time this is davin Michaels and I hope you’re living your true adventure.