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hi this is Mark Richards creator and it’s chair calm thanks for visiting the site and welcome to this free seminar on twitter vs linkedin for job search the objective of this webinar is to share how and when to use these tools for your job search and networking you want to invest your time wisely so which one do you use both Twitter Linkedin can help make connections create a voice for yourself on the market and learn from others they simply go about it in different ways a quick sidebar because many people say I know of Twitter but I don’t know Twitter so a quick definition twitter is micro blogging it allows you a 140 characters per message or a tweet and within that message you can include links to a website a blog post your linkedin profile etc twitter is a massive network of people there are millions of people on the system today and they tend to group by areas of interest within Twitter like linkedin you have followers people that you follow and people that follow you and the reason for doing that is that that way you can help each other by sharing information that’s relevant to your area of interest I really like this quote from Dan Nash about social media I cannot tell you how many people I’ve connected with outside of my immediate community with Twitter it’s way more than I ever thought when I first signed up for my account there are some great guides on how to use Twitter and amazing tools like Tweet.Deck to make Twitter easier but here’s a basic review this is the home page and on the left hand side you’ll see the tweets of the people that you follow in your tweets on the right side it shows the last week you did who you’re following your followers and on the bottom right once you establish your area of interest ideas for people that you may be interested in following but really it all happens in this box this is where you’re typing your hundred and forty characters and go from there if you’re going to start using Twitter please see the my blog post using Twitter for job search to give you some great ideas on things to do before you send your first tweet so back to the first question where should I spend my time and actually you’ll answer that question with another question which is how much time do I have you really want to join what you can manage and master one network before you add another you’re really trying to build a presence out there and doing that takes time and effort and so better to build one very well than two not so well now here’s my quick comparison between Twitter and Linked. In on how to use them for job search and networking first my overall comparison I think of them as two rivers the Twitter river is a fast moving River it is absolutely packed with boats and but there’s still lots of people standing on the shore but between the boats people are just talking back and forth like mad to one another so there’s all this activity for Linked. In it’s a much slower moving River and there’s not as many boats on it but there are absolutely millions and millions of people standing on shore and now tell you why those are relevant as we go forward so where twitter is strong is that you can find people by that area interest by city by profession by industry it’s very easy to find them and what you’ll get in return is this fast pace of information that comes out twitter is also great for promoting yourself wish your volume as fast as you can do it Twitter can take it linkedin where it’s really strong is obviously in finding and researching people but even better once you find that person using your network to get connected to them I think it’s much easier to stand out and Linked. In that’s my analogy of few boats on the river and millions of people on shore most answers in group discussions have a very low rate of participation so if you actively participate you’re going to get noticed in fact one third of the traffic that comes to the candidates chair site is driven from answering questions on linkedin the other great part about Linked. In is at once you’re in a group most people allow other group members to reach out and contact them directly so once you find someone in a group that you’re interested in at least you have a way to reach out and let them know you’d like to network further now where they’re not so strong Twitter it’s difficult to provide a very detailed background harder for people to really find you the other thing with Twitter because of that analogy of the millions of people on the river and all the fast activity it is more difficult to stand out if you’re not a celebrity don’t expect to get millions of followers right away for Linked.

In I think there’s limitations in the profile and I always encourage people not to think of their Linked.In profile as a substitute for your resume your marketing plan and your targeted company list also linkedin is not organized for rapid updates and it’s also difficult to follow a single person’s content once I find someone i’m linkedin then i’m interested in meeting i’ll usually flip over to see if they have a twitter account and that they do i’ll follow the things that they share over there so when it comes to priority Twitter versus linkedin it’s really a walk before you run linkedin as your walk twitter is your run before adding twitter or your job search and networking you should have mastered within Linked. In getting a good set of connections make sure you’ve got a detailed profile so you’re easy to find and start to promote yourself within group discussions and answers that will get you the most mileage in your job search and networking before you move to Twitter one last thing I want to share and this is really a mistake that I made in terms of confusing what’s important there’s interesting and relevant the number of tweets the connections followers that you have that’s really interesting but when you can figure out what you can do for one another that’s when you make it relevant because now you’ve really started building a relationship with someone else so don’t make my mistake again and always think about how do you use these tools to help somebody else once again this has been mark richards creator of candidates chair calm thanks for visiting a site and good luck today. .