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alright guys welcome back to the two brothers podcast episode five a week later yeah it we we we we goin last week you uh did you make a post or anything like that explaining why not a post I made the video on Monday where I explained where my computer was having issues its back up and running now so in case you don’t watch Chris’s videos like I know I don’t oh you’re watching one right now so that’s okay you’re an asshole Todd well I fucked your wife Jim though well she’s a whore oh okay alright so I love that bit let’s get on with some stuff a lot of these notes are from last week last week let’s not get it right into it how’s your week been we try not to talk to each other so that we have enough to talk about during the podcast true way I should never let talk to the other that much even if we didn’t have a podcast we wouldn’t be talking to each other that much see now without the now with the headphones I’m not sure how loud I’m talking or how quiet I’m talking I feel like I’m gonna be a lot more like a PBS a little bit closer your mic cuz I don’t want me to be too close and then you do not be close that’s why I got my mic all the way up here okay a little better nice I also don’t want it covering my face may best be better me okay how’s your week been Chris and good um I quit my job well I quit my job about two weeks ago yes I quit my office job so I’m a back at my old grocery store by quit my Culver’s job and now that I’m not working there I feel talked about the covert learning I remember he did I gave you the lecture last episode I don’t remember this yeah I give you a lecture about the two week notice oh yeah yeah I remember god it was just such a horrible job mine wasn’t like awful I was just really tired of it even though it was like good money I was just like yeah mine wasn’t good money and I was tired of it and I didn’t like it so I’m glad I’m gone well now I’m not not stuck in the office you know office prison you know American workforce okay well so yeah I’m done there um and I’ve had four days off and all I’ve done is literally destroy my sleeping schedule eat bad food and holloway minecraft I was gonna say how have you been destroying your sleeping schedule fucking minecraft and I know I sound like a 12 year old boy but uh yeah even if you didn’t say minecraft you’d still sound like a 12 year old boy yeah well we used to be into it a lot back in the day no boy jiggy I mean Jacob or at least haven’t made Mission Amazon okay so at least I didn’t hop over into that you’re right um but it’s me and Jacob decided to start up a server called it Ryan Gosling and we just play on that and waste time and I haven’t I usually I’ve been getting into video games like for the past like just really this year I get on a play call duty but for the most part I haven’t been interested I’m just like whenever I’d rather do some real life stuff or I don’t know but man when I get into Minecraft that it’s the only game that just destroys me timewise one thing I want to bring up real quick that I think you brought up last week before yeah yeah to me outside of the podcast you said that we should probably bring up we are indeed brothers and I am the younger brother I joked about it once that I am the older brother I think mainly because certain people like not a lot of people I don’t know how sometimes see me is the older brother even though like you have got more mass you have I’ve got more cock even though you have the the older features like the gross facial hair I try to shave just cuz I know it looks bad I just know because if I if I shave then I get this baby face and you can see my my cheek fat but if I trim down to where it’s like really short and like not really a hair just kind of like stubble then it’s not as bad well and it still gives me a little bit more definite definition that’s your thought process as mine is it’s gross the only time I don’t shave is during No Shave November oh yeah that’s what it really gets out of control then doesn’t it hey it’s been a year so we’re gonna see how well this goes it’s mainly just gonna be weird gross looking sideburns because I can’t grow I can’t did you hear that too you just take your headphones off get up and walk and leave alright guys well this is the one brother podcast yeah I I think that’s a funny thing that we need to like clarify because we’re four years apart also we brand each other we brand ourselves with our middle names is our last name so like me eres James Reese recent Michael we don’t use our actual last name so you know we have this whole branding a hey we’re brothers I brand myself by my middle name and films so um yeah you know never really understood why mom and dad did that but now it’s all starting to make sense yeah it helps that I want to make movies but so yeah we are brothers were three years apart I know a lot of people are always think really yeah four years apart for three months out of the year yeah you can tell if you look at our ass hair instinctly different no they’re unfair do you have a lot let’s take a look yeah um let’s not talk about ass hair anymore okay are you gonna ask me how my weeks but how was your week Reese Jesus Christ well it’s just social obligation you you should have to ask that without me asking you to but sounds good um it’s it’s been pretty good now that I’m not at Culver I have a new job and a much better one Gracie’s a pizza delivery boy see young but pizza delivery boy at a family owned Italian place in the town I live in I’ll just say it’s a pizza restaurant what’s okay well anyways it’s so much better because I’m not standing in my gross looking like two big khakis and my baby blue polo I like read grandpa when he was wearing his Culver’s outfit does actly like our grandpa it doesn’t help but I literally have my grandparents car yeah our grandparents old car now the only thing that’s kind of questionable fashion wise that I have to wear excuse me is a cargo shorts oh yes but think about all the all the things you can hold in them no yeah there’s so many pockets and also there are cargo shorts from eighth grade when I was a big chunk ER so I have just some new ones I’m sorry when the with the first time I found out I had to wear these they’re like yeah just go home and change real quick if you have a clean pair I was like okay we’re not gonna go drive to like Kohl’s and get a new pair well I’m just saying at this point why they they fit length or something out for you I was they have big pockets big full pockets I just have to wear a belt pretty tight it’s not that bad honestly and also I’m making more money I’m making less money technically because I get paid in tips as well as 550 an hour but aren’t you’re like I just realized that I’ll stop I’ll do the other leg including tips I’ve been making much more money than I have at my shitty Culver job so it’s oh so much better look I was gross well we’re both living the American dream yep menial labor I was gonna talk about still eating I should kind of pop tarts last week I can like I was just like because they’re so easy to just like eat and you haven’t gone off them oh no I’ve gone off them like since I quit you know but that’s um it was mainly just I think being at the office job being easy to have like a box of pop tarts in my drawer and just snack on them whatever but now I’m like I been eating out more cuz I haven’t bought groceries that’s the thing if I don’t buy groceries then I just eat out so that’s how I live well I got made this good dish yesterday I made a dish yeah I put it in the crock pot basically I put four chicken breasts in the crock pot okay man I put some black beans on them some fire roasted corn from a can record them on them and mmm bird and then I put some salsa arm turn the crock pot on well ethnic I know just mild and then once it was like starting to get to the end of the four hours the crock pot you know time I would put put a thing of cream cheese on it oh yeah mix it in dif delicious basically I’m just looking for things that are like easy to make easy to eat and it’s like have a lot of protein protein in them progeny yeah and Carols I need to get into cooking my own food because as of now I get a lot of fast food and that is not good it kind of evens out because I work out a lot like I have PE and then also I started like working out outside of school so that helps but also it’s just like internally I don’t want my body to literally be a bye like a pile of poo or a garbage disposal yeah that’s what my intern didn’t do for a while yeah you could put a lot of things in this and it would just kind of be like alright we’ve seen worse I need to wait for my job to take off a little more because I’m still in that early stage of like not getting scheduled too much and I technically haven’t gotten my first paycheck yet well I went on I’ve been working at the grocery store like you know even as I’m working at my office jar as I was working at the office job I was just working like one day week so and I told him hey you can put me on for more because they really need more people so they’re they’ve been putting me on or they’re gonna be putting me on but next week I work or cuz I work tomorrow morning Sunday morning which is today for you watching hopefully hopefully I work Monday night Tuesday morning and then Saturday morning so I’m gonna have another three to four days off yeah again playing Minecraft I’m gonna try not to I’m gonna have to start I’m gonna make videos because my excuse from last week as my computer was down most the week and then I was thinking AHA should I make a Friday video well Friday is my least performing day ever like no matter what when I post on a Friday it always does worse than the other videos because it ruins out Friday Night Lights bitin Cardinals heads off you know yeah all of my all of my subscribers are all I know you guys you party freaks you sex fanatics you sex boys I know you guys come to my channel because I’m a sex icon and I exude yeah it’s a sexual energy my eggs hair I’m gonna yeah I need to get a haircut one night because it it gets it’s either I have to have it really short or long enough to hang down but it’s in that in between it is flirty I think it’s my mating feathers doing the middle part between really short and long enough to where you don’t have to worry about it is so annoying cuz that’s where it comes up like I have an area like that back here and so like that’s kind of why I have hair instead of going to the side when we go down we have a dead barber barber dead or a barb or a bad a bard we have a bard yep or dead I realized that I said we have a dad Barbara so it’s like yeah our barber is also our dad rather than our dad’s also a barber yeah I seem like he’s a barber first yeah dad second but it’s he’s either I do it out in the garage yeah rival a or I go downtown to his shop and do it there I much prefer going to the shop because then like he had like cuz to be most comfortable for me so I don’t get like hair and my shirt and stuff like that I take my shirt off and so I’m like just sitting in a chair with like my tits hanging out do you like just at the barbershop no that’s because of social obligation you get those like people way she was like all right dad let’s do this you’re taking off like dusty let these puppies off yeah I much prefer go and doing it at the shop because it’s like it feels trashy like a car drives by and they see like a guy just like no it’s like travel kit yeah give us down at good at the shelter and I’m like hanging I hope you wash these I don’t want the homeless touching me yeah because then and I might be homeless yeah I’m on my way but I have you have you told your grocery store job that you can like people working a lot like Fulton yes I am well since like next week schedule was already made but they had a lot of well you okay yeah they um they already made a bitch week schedule but they’re like you know since they don’t have that many people from my position they’re like okay well you know they were trying to figure it out but now I’m like hey I can work okay so they squeezed me at that’s why I only work on three days next week and then I think the next girl hopefully I get put on mm hm you know Emily and I’m gonna try and get a raise and sano we’ll see how that goes but uh and I believe you’re also trying to get into anger management training as well yes is that right yeah it’s management that’s an office joke yes I stole it well enough of us what so you have any topic you want to talk to me about let’s see like bookmark keys I talked about pop tarts oh my garbage can I thought this was funny just thinking about this so we have at the office job we have like two cleaning people that come okay at the end of every day usually around three three to four five o’clock you the last two hours the day they’re just kind of cleaning up taking people’s garbage because we have little garbage bins at each other at each desk and I just every day I would think man this guy is taking out my trash and just looking because they just like go down through the aisles with a garbage bin on wheels and they’ll just like take your can dump it take the next can and he probably looks at mines like jesus fucking christ because i usually take a 5 hour energy towards the end of my day mm hmm so that when I get home I can make a video and I’m not because I have a problem or when I get home I just be really tired yeah it’s like he’s just getting home some little age coming to you yeah just like once I get home I just don’t want to do anything so I’ll do that so that my caffeine all comes at the end of the day so I have energy to make a video and you know edit and everything so um I’ll take it at the end of day but sometimes I’ll have one like the next day early on so oh they’ll see two 5 hour energies in my garbage a box of pop tarts a Butterfinger wrapper yeah and like and more and he’s probably just thinking man I was just here like 24 hours ago and all of this is in here now God so live a sad life I just figured it was perception but those blood fingers I fucking love butterfingers so I know it’s like it’s a thing that you’ve always liked it’s consistently been your favorite candy mm hmm back in your middle school days it was like I remember a birthday gift for you mom got you was like butter fingers and then also a box of off brand Twinkies well how were you is not a fat one um something that happened well because we both went through our eating stages like of like eating lots of trees and stuff three years apart so when you know we were at mom’s house and we’d like sneak treats and everything I was three years older I was three years more developed than you you were still developing three years behind me while we were eating a piece of shit so earlier on in your life you were eating with treats and snacks maybe that’s why I don’t know but um it was Christmas one year is either like sophomore year or something like that her grandma got me a box full of butterfingers and different types of I remember this I think it was every Butterfinger candy they had like that but when they came out the cups and all this stuff and was so fucking good I also just a little funny thing I notice and I I was calling because part of my office job was to call insurance companies and you know I had to deal with a lot of automated you know voice systems and stuff and there’s this one where was like this middle aged white guy that was the automated voice they had like the road ranger guy not exactly but uh anyways if you ever been to a Road Ranger there’s a guy that comes on and he’ll be like hi how you doing don’t forget to check out organs ik are you thirsty we’ve got fountain pops dollar 29 each you like breakfast I know I do you like food I know I do who died little tubby my wife always tells me anyways check out we’ve got Twinkies two for three dollars but um it’s a deal I’m telling you folks two for three dollars check it out have a good day it’s like really weird it sounds like someone coming on over the intercom and saying it but it’s an automated message yeah somebody really guy it’s really funny anybody’s this middle aged guy he would say nines different than every other number so he’d be like if you’d like to leave a voicemail please dial eight and you know or or call one eight hundred two three three eight nine five six like he would get really loud and angry like it’s like three seven eight nine and it made me laugh so fucking hard just sitting there in my dad’s it’s been like what the hell I always loved that one automated voice like systems do that like when at a at my grocery store job when I’m ordering money you will have like the automated voice should be like you know we’re about to get into the voice automated money ordering system if you would like to select five pre please press one and then you press one and then like how much you want to order and she’d be like you want to order twenty five dollars and that’s like the lines they leave space for like whatever number and it’s just like Samantha up in the office saying seven it’s like they get they get one of the you know the smokers from their commercials with the the neck bless you the next things it’s like they’re like alright just we need you for some voice acting I just put the microphone in the hole yeah that’s what case if we’re just like fucking back but I thought that was funny smokers are disgusting yeah mmm dead space trying to think read that’s what I really quickly write these down um I’m walking out of room running into someone Oh awkward awkward movie theater was oh yeah I don’t know what that was but I was just gonna be like awkward like did anything awkward do you happen this week um yeah I already told you about this but I’ll go through it again my mom this morning was hanging out with two friends and um one of them was a guy named a name and address withheld anyways I went up and said hi nice to meet you I’m Reese I shook his hand it was a good handshake I was happy with it I went inside I was like getting ready taking shower all that stuff came out I was uh I was heading down here so I said bye to my mom her friends and the guy is who I’d met for the first time today so I was like nice to meet you know he’s gonna give him another handshake as we went for a handshake his hand closed a little too quick here’s my hand and went closed around my fingers and shook like that bitch yeah it threw me off he cooked me mm hmm and like that entire last part of that social interaction just threw me off so like my mom’s other friend is a hugger and so I get like she wanted a hug like everyone and like I pulled out but like I pulled away from the hug but not like far enough so like her hat like hit my glasses she laughed I was like I just walked straight to my car now it was really bad and also I felt bad cuz my my dog bunny kept following me and like I opened the door to put my stuff in my car and she jumped in it felt really I felt really sad just having to peel or off my seat and give her back to my mom because she really wanted to come with me poor little cat yeah our dog bunny she looks like she’s cute she’s looking at you but when she want when she starts walking around she turns into like a cat that just got water splash on her I love her man she’s really cute did you see that picture there’s a picture I took of her where she was laying on my bed and her ears popped up just in a way that she looked like a bunny and they all was so adorable I love her man she’s such a good dog specially because I’ve been interacting with her a lot more she sleeps me a lot more and it’s I love it she’s only a little annoying when she sleeps with me though so like I have a twin bed so there’s not much room anyways so like I’ll be sleeping and she kind of wants to like nuzzle up to like my leg or something like that and that’s cute but then she’ll like get up walk around a bit like kind of drag my blanket with her and then she’ll lay down on top of the blanket between my legs and that’s like I need mobility when I sleep I need to be able to roll around a couple of times every w/e leglock yeah just squeeze her in between my thighs well I wish I had that when I go over she’s just kind of like and whatever about me and I wish I had a dog here but I thought well that nice I mean I don’t really have that much time there’s no oh yeah I was gonna say there’s not much stopping you hey I mean you have a lot of free time now yeah I mean I want because ultimately in life I want a big dog because I liked having a big dog before but I also like a little dog so I like throwing him around and just yes that’s the best part of bunny yeah well except bunnies like its bunnies like a heavy cat yeah she’s like a cat that doesn’t land nice you know that thing whenever like we’ve wrestled where it’s like you just go dense mm hmm I feel like she does that every time you pick her up cuz like you just pick her up and then she just gives up yeah she’s thinking it’s a little harder to pick her up and she does that um just for those wondering I’m sure most people that are watching this is like follow me on Twitter or something like that or you and see her she’s a Boston Terrier she’s like hurry like body is like has a good amount of like mass and stuff like that but she has long skinny we were talking about this last episode okay well yeah we talked about her it’s been yeah okay the weirdest part about her is like everything else is like normal and like it’s just the weirdest proportion is her long skinny legs yeah it’s weird so it’s like she looks like she’s on stilts um I saw Terminator 2 last week in theaters you told me about this or you told me that you saw it okay well is is this the awkward movie thing you were talking about it might think they’re I think this might be it so on I think it was fuck I’m trying to think of what was the awkward thing that came out of that I don’t remember I’ll just tell you about the experience so okay me and Noah me my friend know we went to go see Terminator 2 it’s it came back in theaters for 3d for like a few days and sounds like how that’s cool you know I was when I it’s my favorite Terminator movie I thought it was Noah’s favorite Terminator movie we’re five minutes away from the theaters I’m like yeah this is your favorite one right he’s like oh it’s my least favorite like all right we’re still going and I still don’t understand that okay I’m guessing one is his favorite one is his favorite anything’s that two is too similar to it like the whole story like it’s the same rights it worse than Terminator 3 Terminator Genisys and Terminator Salvation okay well okay he doesn’t think in harbin she didn’t he doesn’t think it’s it’s not his least favorite he just doesn’t think he thinks it’s worse than one okay that’s it maybe I interpret wrong I don’t fucking know but anyways so we go and we get our 3d glasses and oh yeah I said it the awkward thing was I said a u2 to the movie theater guy not jokingly like what he’s like enjoy the movie it’s a good one I was like you do and fuck me oh fuck you no fuck me fuck you I’ve done that a lot arrives like intentionally tried to do that when I was working at Culver’s when I was working at Culver’s I would try to like get people into that so like I’d bring their food out and say like enjoy your meal be like you too I’m like bitch yeah it was nice being on the other end of that yeah um but uh then Oh real quick then also I’d be on the other other side of it it’s like it’d be the worst time was I hear you’ve read read off the ticket like enjoy your food thanks you too I’m like thanks you see okay thank you no you you no and as he was walking those like I can’t work here anymore but no that’s the worst thing that’s ever had what yeah because of one awkward experience continue with tournament terminator so we got our 3d glasses and it kind of sucks that was gonna be in 3d I wish they would just do it and standard I’d be happy with that it’s the theater experience that I want to see this in yes I never got to see in theaters and so it starts up in the first five fucking minutes of this movie the titles and everything they did not calibrate correctly for 3d like editing these like you put on the car I took off the glass to put them on same thing it’s like three of the text and it was like almost impossible to read and I was telling I was like hey if this doesn’t get better in like ten minutes let’s go get a refund or something cuz this sucks it was just me and Noah and then some other guy in the theater like on the other side so we kind of talked he’s like yeah I agree he’s like yes sucks and let’s go get a refund yeah you wanna go get some food us three but um and so we’re watching and it got better like once the movie started and I wasn’t just the titles that were like that yeah everything I mean everything else I give you notice cuz when 3d or at least when they redo 3d editing or whatever they basically make the focus point clear and then like in the background will be a little bit different like it’ll be a little bit blurry or like just kind of distorted so it’s just kind of like a hey look at this mm hmm so that’s all you just kind of had to do and your eyes got used to it but um we were watching and I noticed a lot of things in this movie one if you’ve never seen it basically it’s kind of like the first one Arnold Schwarzenegger comes back in time and protects John Connor rather than trying to kill John Connor is Terminator 2 something we really have to explain it I’m just saying okay it’s the premise because some people some people are like oh I’ve seen home but I can’t remember what Terminator 2 was you know like some people I’m just saying okay III understand that at a certain point we need to explain things that was really at the end of my explanation and I know and I’m just saying you there’s a lot of times you take time out to explain something that doesn’t need to be explained okay anyways if stat1 I understand when it’s like baby driver where it’s like okay to new not many people seen it but this movie has been out since the 90s it’s only been out since 92 yeah it’s been out since the night anyways continue it’s that one and basically and I’ve seen this when I was younger and stuff and but now seeing it as an adult and like forward fully grasping everything it’s like John Connor as this little he’s just teaching the Terminator how to be a little shit like yeah the hasta La.Vista baby and like teach him all this stuff he’s like no man you get it you got to be cool you gotta say screw off dickwad and that’s a good uh whatever the name of the kid who played it that’s a good got her freshened yeah he’s just that’s all he does is he’s just like teaching him how to be an annoying little twat piece of shit and I noticed that there’s a lot of glass breaking likely the terminators throw each other and throw people and things through windows it’s awesome all the time and I figured that all of the part of the terminators brain that could have been used for social interaction or like social knowledge they just replaced with an extensive knowledge of glass density because I remember you saying that exact quote I was like it’s gonna be really funny the podcast crack that the story still like hold up like because it’s been a while since I’ve seen it was it still like enjoyable yeah it was a really if it’s a fun movie it’s my favorite yeah I mean it’s it’s cool I I still have not seen the first one hey did we watch it together when we were younger okay when we were younger yes because it’s at a point I don’t remember rooms were in it do you remember the boobs no let’s look it up real quick see if if I were Terminator tit scene if I were conscious enough back then to have remembered tits I would remember that kiss well um I guess yeah but uh so it was a good movie um pleasurable uh it’s really it but I was trying to think of what the Aqua movie theater it was just the the u2 but um it was fun seeing it and I don’t do many things so that was nice yeah I I don’t go out and do many things like see movies anymore mainly because there haven’t been any good movies to come out very recently last one was spider man homecoming and that was an enjoyable experience if not the movie the experience around it um what’s the next movie is like Thor like next kind of big movies Thor Ragnarok right next more when we do a store and then Black Panther then infinity I’m excited for Black Panther me too what’s is there any other like kind of big movie coming out soon are words yeah star wars did you hear uh a director drop from Star Wars Episode nine like already he left really yeah this is I am scared for Star Wars because of like the kind of running theme of there have been a lot of directors dropping from their projects if I don’t like that yeah are you a little closer your mic okay just lean forward push your chair forward okay um but uh yeah and we’ll ad to say yeah cuz there’s the Han Solo movie and stuff that day oh yeah Thursday directors I believe yeah and what were you you we talked about this already but it was like one of the the Han Solo guy he needed to get like acting lessons Midway they needed to kind of like coach him a little bit not like I know that’s maybe you choose a better guy oh yeah yeah um I mean I’m excited for childish gambino to be in it though yeah it’ll be nice yeah I think my next one Oh is something about hurricane nope shit hold on camera turned off give me one second alright so um about the hurricane Harvey this is something I brought up before you see those pictures like the dogs and stuff being left behind okay and I notice and that made me sad and I was looking you know looking at those and people are like you’re a worthless piece of shit if you leave your dog behind and like everyone’s just like saying I hope they die and I’m like okay it’s sad that the dogs were left behind in the animals most the time and I know they’re you know there’s exceptions but if you’re a pet owner you don’t want to leave your animal behind yeah if you want to bring your dog with you but let’s say it’s like bringing your dog with or your little sister or something like that or your kid and you can’t pick both yeah and you leave your dog behind like that’s not it’s just it was an example of Twitter pissing me off because I just don’t want you idiots that think they know everything twitter has hissed at everyone witters honestly is such a conflicting platform because I I know it’s just it’s a shit platform no I mean conflicting for me in the way that like I love it because I’m able to be so funny on it and also it pisses me off it’s like you doing a stand up routine in hell that’s pretty yeah you’re saying yeah no I’m making people laugh but they’re all pieces of shit yeah honestly not let people that I make laugh aren’t really pieces of shit like other people that like like my tweets are like okay I like these people but then there’s also the people I see that I’m like jesus fucking christ you’re a dumbass and I I want to respond on Twitter I’m more likely to respond to something dumb if it’s on Twitter than on Facebook because Facebook there are other people and I like kind of care about being civil around shit like that the most the most reaction something on Facebook got out of me recently was a post that was like explaining the colors of the Confederate flag where it’s like the red is for the the blood of Christ and the the cross is the cross of st. Andrew the patron skated the patron saint patron saint of Scotland I’m like bull fucking shit yeah and I I made a full fucking response to that didn’t get any likes put it on Twitter and I got a couple of likes but it was oh I am I always try to I’m conscious of my brand so when I do anything consciously my brand I’m trying to okay and I get it you don’t want to be you don’t have a wanna be you you don’t wanna like like I even though I’m not famous or anything I’m trying to hurt an image because if I do gain relevancy if I do I don’t want to like have anything to worry about on my Twitter and I know Reese you don’t really give a shit about that much I just think brand is and brands are important and a lot of people like me and Jacob were talking my last name I can’t think of anyone that’s like our age that are that we like went to high school with that just like has a really good net doing branding really well for themselves like has a good online presence you know and just it’s I think it’s really important and I don’t want to like I don’t want emotionally to emotionally react to anything on the internet so like if something makes me angry like I obviously get like funny angry you know let’s have like on Twitter being like this is this website is just fucking awful yeah but I don’t want like something to make me mad and then me emotionally react to it on Twitter because like that doesn’t make me look you know doesn’t make me look in or what’s it inferior or anything I just think it doesn’t like it’s better if you don’t emotionally react I I can understand that and some of the stuff you’ve told me has been helpful but also it’s like to a certain point there are certain things that I just want to tweet that are like because I understand wanting to have a brand and I do want to have it burn but part of my brand is also being like a little more personal than just like I don’t want to be you who’s always just hey guys I’m the funny guy I don’t have feelings or emotions just because like I see people on Twitter like people have followings and stuff just like you know I think it’s one thing to be like personal like personal I guess but I don’t know it just depends religious I think it’s like a case by case basis the joke that I was mainly bringing up is that I’ll tweet something and if Chris doesn’t like it he’ll send it to me is like hey there’s a really off brand house end result so this week like as you’re as you’re my he’s my social media manager I think this is a damaging to your brand yeah it’s useful but it in certain times it’s because for the most part he’s usually right about like most of the things it’s like there’s a relationship related thing that’s why I think I’m really fed up I’m not gonna I’m not gonna say anything specific I’m just saying in general I would say if I’m any you out there want some advice from Papa Chris I think that’s important I think it’s important to keep relationship anything unless it’s just like hey you know like like positive relationship stuff I think that’s fine because that’s like a you know yeah we’re okay with seeing but if there’s anything like negative about your relationship or anything like that or just any negative feelings I think that’s like it’s really important to keep that off sometimes what I try to do is subscribers are all virgin if so it’s not really yeah hey I’m a subscriber hey um if I do make a tweet about something like that I usually want to still try to make it funny um like one example I was like I said like it sucks having your heart ripped out of your chest one out of five would not recommend and like so that was my way they feel like week yeah I I am I know but so many ways what I was gonna say before you interrupted me about relationships and went on for a couple minutes like when he when he does tell me about that like in the moment I’m still like heated about something I’m like no he’s wrong and then like a couple minutes later I calm down like yeah delete that I’m the older brother yeah so mainly what I need to start doing is like tweet something exit out and save the draft come back like five minutes later and see send it to me I’ll fill out a form I’ll check out some boxes there there is a lot of times I’ll like come up with a tweet in like hey does this sound good what can I do to make it better and he’ll either sorry my throat was still like relieved not his phlegm in my throat I don’t know if it’s like I’m pretty sure Jacob got me sick and like it’s been it’s been assistant Li do like I’m not like for a long time I always like maybe this is just a Flemmi boy uh huh yeah this is really true but and so like I’ll send a tweet to Kris and it’s either like hey yeah you can add this or something like that to it or like nod just just don’t tweet that I feel like my strengths are not just coming out of like like there’s times we’re like yeah I’ll think of something or something will spark my head and I’m like oh that’s a funny idea or something but usually a lot of like where my humor is like works is if someone gives me idea or say it says something and then I make it I add to it or something like that yeah I rarely ever just think of things out of thin air you’re good with getting the specific wording for like a social media platform like okay there’s like people on Twitter would like this if you were to add this wording to it or something like that you’re a little bit better with understanding that than I am wise I’m like I wanna tweet it a megohm laughs I study a twitter twitter language yes Chris you start saying y’all he went to tweet University I on the other hand went to butter burger University no god they may have to do that how much debt are you in about eight thousand butter fucks I start paying up soon what’s a butterfly Wow we just fuck the mascot no you fucked the the old white guy in the commercials it’s like are we Scott and George Cole burger is that his name George Colfer okay whoever the like old overweight guy that yeah it looks like he’s the guy that does that road ranger voice worried looks kind of like a sad Pillsbury Doughboy there we go if that every butter fuck is you just gotta bend over and take it for the funniest thing about the mascot scoopy is like there’s this one kid that I worked with that would usually do it like they only bring Scooby out on special nights when it’s like oh this is this is a kids night or this is hot rod night shit like that um it’s like this kid who almost like never smiled he always like I don’t like this mm hmm so like it’d be like him he’s like putting on the suit he puts it on and then it’s smiley Scooby like that’s funny right thinking that like whoa what’s the butter fuck well you have to let Scooby fuck you I like about that it’s scoopy more than that I don’t like the whole idea of butter fucks anyways it’s uncomfortable it is good um I do like the idea of the fact that I’m tapping my foot again the only way that a culture shows gratitude to you is giving you a butter buck I think that’s why mmm it was great I love it I hate it actually I hate most things about that business I also one other story about Culver I I had to turn in my work clothes sometime this week so I went there brought like my khaki pants and my polos gave them to him I was like you know I don’t get some food just cuz it’s pretty good food I got a regular cheese curd and one scoop of custard and it was like seven or eight dollars fucking hell it’s like without my 50 or even 25 percent discount it is not economically viable combination of food to get well just cuz I got the cheese cards like some custard and it was just sitting there at the counter they just like give you like Custer how about some custard to it and then it’s so bad like it it doesn’t make sense for me to want to go there like without my discount like I don’t really want to wasn’t so damn expensive well I’ve been every time mainly I get Chipotle a lot because it was usually it was by my job and they I think cuz I’m with someone too regular there maybe they like me or something but I’ll usually I’ll order online I’ll just like hit my save to order and then you know take it out of my checking account and then I’ll go there and pick it up at one every day they have been packing the fuck out of my bowls like I pick it up and like oh this is heavy it’s got like three servings inside that one ball three servings three servings so you could have that for three meals yes if I’m doing my calculations correctly or one normal meal for you you fat lard on I used to be able to eat like a full Chipotle briea Bowl and like one sitting but I would always at the end I’d be like yeah it’d be where you just hate yourself after and have to take a nap yeah so now I’ve been I’ve been more conscious about eating that way cuz I used to like have this whole like well I’m gonna eat the whole meal you know but now I’m like well if I do I’m gonna feel like shit want to take a nap yeah yeah I need to do not like what food I’m eating too I I need to be the same way where it’s like I don’t want to eat any food that’ll give me the burger sweats the Burgess so it’s mainly two places it’s mainly Wendy’s and Culver where you eat it and it’s like so greasy and so just full I’m feeling where it’s like you’re sitting there after you get up grab a drink sit down it’s like it’s so bad I I hate it any kind of food that makes me want to take a nap afterwards I need to stop eating well like I know that like I love Porto’s and five guys in those places and you have to those are also places like that but like I know that if I like get someone take it home I’m not gonna want to do anything afterwards and it’s yeah it’s really apparent so like now I like I’ll either get Chipotle need some of the bowl or something like that or I’ll stop by my grocery store job and get a salad or something like if I know when to do stuff the only time I’ve decided I’m only gonna like eat food like that that’s just like if I’m like out with friends are doing something yes I go to an event and just like do it on days where I’m just like hanging out and it’s just an off day and I’m just having a good time yeah I need to worry about that too because productivity needs to become a bigger thing in my life because like now now I’m in a ok maybe I’m hearing from your mic too so that could be now I’m in like more advanced classes and stuff like that’s like there’s more homework and more like hard homework and I can’t just go get like a Mc. Donald’s meal feel lethargic after eating it and be like I’ll just do it tomorrow like I need to start eating healthier food that makes me one do shit like that well I just need groceries because if I don’t that’s yeah island of like I was skyping that Jacob the other night and then I just switched to LTE cuz we’ve got that unlimited data now so Wow Verizon once a month comes over and fucks me mm hmm for that extra $40 and it’s awful I mean it’s nice it’s it feels worth it though just pretty much having like fast data everywhere no matter and not having to worry about it I can switch to Skype and just drive to Mc.

Donald’s and I ordered my food I got to make pick two four five I got a ten piece nugget and a fish fillet mmm yum yum yum I love those Folio fishes I’ve never had one it just seems like one of those things on the Mc.Donald’s menu that’s like the only reason I thing I like is cuz I would have it when I was younger if I had never had it up until recently I probably wouldn’t touch it yeah but it’s only because I used to like him in the past feel like that’s how we could have been with Long John Silver’s it’s like well if just we don’t need to get in that because I don’t wanna don’t like egg yeah thinking about just talking about it will give our viewers just terrible terrible feelings but um I was gonna say when okay so I was skyping and then I went I ordered my food and I came up to them anywhere or the the window where I was gonna pay and he was like hey uh are you Chris I was like yes are you Chris and he was like yeah and I was like oh we bowled together in middle school Oh dad Chris no and I was really hoes this is this the sixth grader u boat bowled with while you were in eighth grade they were all sixth graders I was the only 8th grader that bold because I sucked yeah yeah I remembered this and I’m I’m really glad that his name was Chris and it wasn’t just cuz I would have sounded like an idiot otherwise it’s like hey are you Chris yes are you Chris are you are you high is that why you’re here at 11:00 and getting a filet o fish employee oh say Kay Chrissa oh really yeah going downhill I got a filet o fish cooking for you I heard what’s up with that you okay you’re working you’re working like fucked me in the ass with the tartar sauce you only give me a little bit know and that’s I think the main part about what makes the sandwich like it’s it’s the three things him the cheese the sauce and the fish and if I only have a little bit of one then it just it kind of it messes up the balance of the other two exactly but Chris and I are sandwich connoisseurs as depressing as that is to say we know the things that we need for our sandwiches to make them good like best condiments for a bacon cheeseburger mayo and ketchup ketchup I also I usually don’t have anything else other than that it covers I like I like when Culver’s puts like pickles and stuff because there pickles are fresh it’s not like Mc. Donald’s where you get some like soggy pickle that’s been like hanging out underneath the fridge where the heat comes out of mm hmm yeah I only slowed was funny while I was at Culver’s when I was like on the register when I finally did that be like if a manager gets off of work or not a manager but like anyone that works at Culver’s gets off of work or as a break or something like hey can you take my order like yeah sure and they’ll be like okay you know just do it and they were like doing it from across the counter like doing all the million things they know how to do with it like I don’t want that big I don’t want to add up grilled onions I don’t want to have this bun add the bun for the sweet silence it was I it was always I don’t know how this is on topic at all just because he said culver I always thought it was really funny the picki of people were us because we knew all the fucked up shit we could do to these burgers yeah I am that’s the thing that sucks about Cohen is five guys as I like I have to like pick out of that menu no I love that because that’s a lot of stress yeah cuz I’m like you get up there and you’re like ah shit it’s a lot of stuff I mainly like on a burger I’ll get a grilled onions I’ll get um pickles because they have good pickles too mayonnaise and ketchup watch this it’s three feet away it was behind my back wonder that crickets doing there’s this big ass cricket on my floor this is a basement it was very funny because I was upstairs while he was cleaning out their room down here and I just hear like muffled like oh I get a snapchat from Chris a picture of that fucking cricket I put a glass on top of it so he’s kind of trapped in there do you think he has oxygen uh maybe well I mean it’s got tiny along C bar doesn’t need that much oxygen if he does it’s not that bad it’s just a cricket um I I’m thinking about getting a couch in here like a little look would you fit a couch over on the side here I’ve got the two I’ve got a the record table thing and then my shelf take those out maybe put the mic over there or something and then just put a little love seat there I think that’d be nice I think we could have a live audience one guy Kevin Joe I think well what you might you could possibly talk to dad about getting this wall extending it right there to just have this entire back area be your room so you also have that I wanted to do that originally that we talked to him cuz how often does he use that he does it’s not bad it’s Jamie how often does he use that it’s just that because they got this weird heating it this isn’t everyone just watching like what the fuck is going on it’s the doctors that talk about this after I guess it no they don’t need to know it’s just they’re hearing us talk about something true it doesn’t matter but anyway so like when they hear you talk about your fucking finance oh so I’ve been getting into real estate about investing in like listening into that and it’s like it’s not for me but I was considering it because a lot of people like you can get into reached real estate investing or real estate investing for $40. 00 and I was like hey I’ve got 30 no but so you give me $40 another guy gives me $40 and he gives me $40 I give $80 to the guy above me it was basically just talking about like the pyramid scheme buying like really cheap out getting mortgages buying really cheap houses fixing them up and having people living in them kind of like he’s just like that whole thing and using that money and Chris became a landlord at the age of 20 but it’s like you they have to make that your job you can’t just like get into it casually I mean that’s all you’re doing yeah cuz it takes a lot of time to renovate a house and make it not shitty yeah but on that for sure I was gonna say so I got I’ve looked at my bank account on went know it was Thursday cuz I was gonna check because I get my my own my grocery store paychecks on Thursday every Thursday and they’re usually about sixty dollars have been working one day a week and I want to go check it cuz I thought I had like two dollars in my account and I looked at it said nine hundred and forty dollars I was like yo what is this I was in the bathroom but naked and no like whoa whoo oh god damn it his cock got hard okay and turn that so my my office job paid me which I wasn’t expecting that paycheck until this next Friday I don’t know what the hell is going on with that I have paid time off hours about 20 hours that I’m supposed to get plus a week and a half of work I don’t know what that is um I figured I’d save it before I’m about to go broke again at the grocery yes save like a good nice seven or eight dollars out of that well I still having a 900 I was not touching it and seen what happens one thing one thing that I just reminded myself of I don’t know I don’t remember what last week you said to think of funny companies for something or some topic that we had on this I don’t remember no I said think about a water products services or whatever that you hundred percent standby and use all the time okay in like you know like I told Marie Surrey says he wasn’t to pay anything because he’s broke but I said what would you pay like more than you’re already paying for or something like I guess I I’ll clarify that it’s like like literally I don’t want to pay more for anything that I have right now but like services that I probably would want to well sorry you want to I guess it’s like if they charge more would you still do it you you can say yours cuz I need to okay so I paid $10 a month for Apple music I love Apple music I used it I never have to download music again it’s got every song I want to hear they’ve got it on there and I can listen to it any time especially with the Siri integration it’s great just hey you know Siri play this song play this song it’s pretty nice it’s great and then they have curated playlists that come on every day and it’s I found a lot of good music through that fantastic another one read 1000 is month for that I am always I mean not know know that I’m not working at the office job anymore I don’t um I don’t use it much because basically I would just like put on a podcast or a video and that you can turn your phone off and still listen to it like you know they does that his fucking thing I hate about that it’s I always thought it was something that like they couldn’t do that or some shit like that because fuck off whole business but um when also just being able to UM save videos offline um then now that I have unlimited data it doesn’t really matter I don’t need to but um also the not having it no ads but I’m still supporting creators that’s good one thing that I can think of right now is depending on the time of year is HBO go and by that time of year I mean when it’s like Game of Thrones in Silicon Valley and like last week’s a night are all on I definitely would because that is ooh suck all such great shows especially Game of Thrones I fucking love it and it’s $10 a month and technically it’s been free for my mom and I because she well I get the end of last season for Game of Thrones we just usually turn it off because it’s like we don’t watch anything else other than that um she said hey yeah I’m I’m gonna cancel HBO they’re like oh what can we do to have you keep it and shit like that they ended up like splitting our bill in half giving us HBO for free and then giving us stars for free nope one second yeah real quick do you want to talk about any of our sponsors um I believe one of our sponsors this week is Burger King have it in your have it yeah I figured I would tell you off the show burking dropped us yeah they uh they didn’t like what we were saying why wasn’t I aware of this I’m half of this podcast we didn’t do in last night I was I know you last week I was I not see seed in the email they I didn’t know which email to do I didn’t know if I wanted to do waser gamer 69 at gmail or dirt okay I hate my name is Rhys Armstrong and just do all of my emails lazer games blah videos productions recent films and on penguin zero zero at gmail.

com oh yes those ones that’s recent contact use as a business card with all those yes right all thinking wise email me at all four of them I might check it at some point well I’m working on getting one from Quiznos okay that’s gonna be a little difficult because I’ve been working on getting one from Subway because they want me as the new Jared yeah that is how they’re marketing me as the new Jared I I don’t appreciate the title that much but the role is very well how about how about just Reese no we like new Jared look at this fat fuck when he was eight well I look at this slightly less fat fuckin he’s 16 I think we should try to go for the KFC long john silver combination restaurant that or the taco bell/pizza hut combination restaurant both both both solid options yeah well we will update you guys on our sponsorships next week yeah thank you guys for watching don’t forget to check out both of our Twitter’s I put them in the outro video I had Krista Jam there at recent films yep you can also check me out on Instagram at I think Reese M films too I post pictures of my dog and me in funny clothes yeah it’s a it’s a thing yes thank you guys for watching and we’ll see you next week goodbye..