Facebook Jobs

A new study finds that not hiding, but rather modifying your social media life could be your key to getting that dream job. The study shows that lots of employers think those types of pictures show that you’re outgoing, and friendly. But potential employers don’t just look at the pictures but they also check who your friends are, and what your hobbies and interests include.

by now you’re probably where the fact that if you have a facebook profile your potential employers are gonna be interested in it and while you might be okay with sharing the intimate details of your life with your friends you probably aren’t too stoked we’re sharing those same details of somebody that you want to work for now that’s better for that very reason pretty much everybody I know tides or erases a lot of the juicy information on their profile making themselves almost invisible on the social media site to outsiders you don’t want your current or future bosses making assumptions about you right and studies show that they do but not exactly in the way you think you see a Pew study shows that fifty eight percent of facebook users actively manage their accounts by using their privacy options and sixty six percent have even deleted people who could damage their online reputation now a new study by a trio of universities finds that not hiding but rather just modifying your social media could be the key to getting that dream job now researchers came up with a score based off of five personality traits that employers look for that is neuroticism extraversion openness to experience agreeableness and conscientiousness so remember how you’d go through your page automatically set all those college party pics on private well maybe you should actually keep some of them available because the study shows that a lot of employers think of those types of pictures show that you’re outgoing that you’re friendly but please do get rid of that awful picture that nobody wants to see of you doing that beer bong but potential employers don’t just look at your picture they also go much much deeper so for everyone who’s asking we came up with a few modifications of our own what did you have on your about me information page you know let me offer up a few pointers here I think first of all we should start with the employment section this one is kind of a no brainer just make sure that your jobs are the ones you’d be proud of sharing you probably don’t want it to show that you were a dancer at a strip club or that you used to work at a dispensary let’s go to music too you might want to get rid of Andre Nickatina mickey avalon pretty lights they might think that you’re a druggie switch it out with some Bruce Springsteen some John Mellencamp some Andrea Bocelli you know the mainstream music everybody can sing along with plus you put in Bruce maybe we’ll get some brownie points for showing your patriotism the Bocelli makes you look like you’re cultured now when it comes to TV shows I think it’s probably best to get rid of some of your favorite really embarrassing reality TV hits things like bad girls club temptation island or toddlers in tiaras because let’s be honest they kind of make you look trashy so switch it out with a difficult it’s like a sitcom Food Channel show your smarts by throwing in a news program see you like entertainment and staying abreast of current events and also make sure that you keep your overall interests clean right this is where you take out lines like my interests are drinking till i black out walks of shame and hot boxing my dad’s Volvo you might want to fill that column in with things like interior design photography working out and cats I mean who doesn’t like cats right all right clear we had a little bit of fun with that but I think you get the point we’re in a new era everything that you have on your page pictures even on your wall post it all gets thrown into the criteria for a company to determine if you’re a good fit for their business and since you’re in control of what people see then I would say that if you’re not quite sure about something don’t post it out said to me it’s pretty disturbing somebody who went to college during the Facebook era that employers think your profile is the jackpot when it comes to judging your character and your work ethic so I would suggest that they take it a little bit less seriously because pretty soon you won’t be listing your references on that job application he’ll just be putting in the link to your facebook page and that’s a scary thought indeed.