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net Learn how to create a customized job board using Twitter. net

hi this is Joshua with career enlightenment and recently I’ve been getting many many requests from people asking me about using Twitter for their job search so what I thought I would do is show show you a couple of really cool tools that you can use right away to begin to leverage Twitter into your job search so believe it or not Twitter is now the only real time job board in the world as the job is posted it’s immediately available for you to view and for you to apply to so I want to go ahead and show you search Twitter calm and which will enable you to find jobs that are actually in your area so I want to show you the end results this is a results for jobs within 15 miles of the Portland metro area with a keyword hiring and there are literally hundreds of results here of jobs that are being took tweeted on a daily basis and and you’ll be able to see some of the hashtags and some of the locations from where these tweets are being sent into so with that let me go ahead and show you how to use this tool so in your browser you can go ahead to search Twitter com okay here we are this is search.twitter. com and what we’re gonna do is actually come into advanced search right here and this is our advanced search screen the best way to do this is to look for the word hiring I’ve experimented with this and the word jobs just it doesn’t return the quality of job postings that hiring actually returns and then we’re going to do our zip code 15 miles within your zip code so my zip code is nine seven two two four put in your own zip code and you go ahead and you search for the tweets and now you have just created your own customized job board using Twitter so go ahead and experiment with this go to Twitter search Twitter calm put in the word hiring and then put in your own zip code and search within a 15 mile radius of that and see what comes up and this might be a good idea to creating RSS feed for and to check out every couple of days to see if there’s something new that might interest you so good luck on your job search. .