Facebook Jobs

For Mack & Associates, how to use the company Fan to promote new jobs, encourage candidates to be come fans, and promote in-house events..

hi there this is Leah Berdych and today we’re going to talk about how you can use mac and associates facebook fan page to get your candidates to sign up and get breaking job alerts to help make your job easier of promoting your jobs so let’s start out i’m on my facebook page i’m sure most of you know how to do this i type in mac and it takes me here to the mac and associates page I’ve obviously already become a fan of this page myself you’ll see that we’re starting to use this page to promote your most recent jobs and the management team is working on a process of getting these up to keeping these up to date on a regular basis but if you scroll down you’ll see each one is listed and this link here actually takes the user to the career builder page itself describing this job so um there’s a description over here you’re in office information right now there are 78 fans and we really want to have as many fans as possible for obvious reasons how you can get people you know in the Chicago area click on suggest to friends over here under the graphic and you’ll see all of the friends that you have in your personal Facebook account will pull up and so if you have candidates you’re friends with as I said people who this page is relevant for it’s a great idea to invite them to become fans because then I would also ask you to encourage them to sign up for social RSS if they do that they can get the alerts of new postings put right on their profiles homepage in the news feed section so if they’re getting this on their i.Phone or you know they’ll see it right away as soon as they log into Facebook or if they have it on you know a mobile device where they’re receiving their feeds they’ll get those right away as this is built out I would also courage you to promote events right now there aren’t any but I know that Mac sometimes has luncheons for its candidates even for me if you do anything for target customers I would add the event here you want people to know that you know you want people to get a sense of Max personality here and what you have going on so take a look at some of your competitors facebook fan pages as well sometimes they actually have specials and promotions to get people to become fans of their pages you know when a starbucks card drawings just fun things like that again the more fans you have obviously the easier it is to promote your jobs you know leverage the viral technology of facebook and you know photos of you guys go out you do things together add some photos of the team make it look like you know it’s a company with real people that others would love to work with that you’d be fun to work with so that’s a quick overview of the facebook fanpage thank you so much. .