Social Media Jobs

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it’s a fact the most effective way to find a good job is through networking connecting with people who can connect you with people who are hiring increasingly these connections are made online on social media networks such as Facebook Twitter Google+ and Linked.In the number of users on these sites is astounding and it’s growing and since companies of all sizes rely on referrals as their best source for new hires they are turning to these networks as a primary source for gathering information as they make their hiring selections another fact is that information about you on the internet especially on social media is forming your online brand what that brand says about you can either help or hurt you in your job search have you googled yourself lately you can be sure employers are doing just that here are five tips from work source Snohomish County to help you manage your online brand and effectively use social media for your job search first decide which social media tools are best for your personal brand management Linked. In is an obvious choice but other platforms can be effective as well if you’re already active on social media this is a good time to make sure that what’s online won’t undermine your job search here’s a rule to remember don’t post anything online you wouldn’t want to include on your resume second build your network add social media connections that can help you find employment remember though it’s not about the number of friends or followers you have it’s better to have quality in your connections than quantity for example connect with people at a company where you want to work especially if they’re recruiters and follow their corporate twitter accounts if they have one third tell a consistent story as you begin building your online brand you want to show employers specifically what you have to offer and provide evidence that you can deliver it Linked. In is especially useful since your profile is set up like a resume but other social media platforms can be great for showing your knowledge skills and abilities which leads to our fourth point be a contributor it’s normal to focus on your own needs when you’re looking for a job but employers want to know if you have what they need constructive contributions on social media can be a great way to show them you do finally maximize your Linked. In profile to get noticed by employers since Linked. In is by far the most popular online tool for job recruiters it’s important that your profile be complete unlike paper resumes you have plenty of space to highlight accomplishments awards volunteer activities and recommendations from colleagues and since it is online your tone can be a bit more casual and descriptive of your passions and career path but like traditional resumes your profile should be professional and free of spelling and grammatical errors now keep this in mind social media is not a substitute for in person networking rather it’s an increasingly important tool to expand your networking opportunities and make the most of them once they happen there are several online resources that explain how this works but perhaps the best way to learn more is to attend one of the workshops offered through work source in the homage county in fact if you haven’t already done so visit our website to find out about the many ways that we can assist you we offer workshops sponsor hiring events and have employment specialists that can work with you one on one to help you succeed in your job search Oh. .