Twitter Jobs

Geared primarily for college students and recent grads.

hi this is Grace cut knee as you can see we’re on the Twitter site today I’m hoping to focus specifically on professional networking and job searching using Twitter now I’ll be perfectly honest when I first heard about Twitter which was really some time ago I just couldn’t get it I didn’t see the point I didn’t know why anybody would care what I was up to you and you only get a hundred and forty characters to update people it just really didn’t make sense to me I sort of thought of it as kind of like on facebook or it says what are you doing right now and I just really couldn’t understand why anybody would care if i was making lasagna or doing my laundry i started to research it a little bit further and realize there’s a lot more to twitter than initially meets the eye so if you haven’t already joined his conversation definitely go ahead and create an account what i’m going to do is bring you to what a page looks like before you create an account if you haven’t logged in this is what my public page looks like it would anybody who wants to check out my page this is what they’re going to see information that I have posted shared with others replied to others is basically this main section over here on this little box is a brief bio that I create and then you can see who my followers are and who I am following and that really is the key to the networking aspects of Twitter you can also see sort of thumbnails of some of the folks that I’m following right now so I’m going to go ahead and login and you see a very similar sort of a page when I click home and you get this navigation bar up here and basically you see the profile which was the page we were on earlier your home page gives you this update box and this is where you submit your tweets if you are going to be using twitter using the the website via a browser now we can talk later on perhaps in subsequent videos about some of the other tools that you can use to a to use Twitter anyhow like I said you tweet in this box and you hit update hopefully this will work this time I try this earlier and it didn’t quite work but I’m back taping another winter video okay hopefully you saw that it updated right away on this page and now any of the hundred and fifty four followers that I have will see that update so that’s kind of handy but how exactly do you figure out who to follow and how do you develop followers I’m really going to focus primarily on how to develop who to follow for you if you’re a college student or a recent grad one of the biggest challenges being on campus is that you don’t really have access to a lot of the professionals that you may want to network with so twitter is a great way to connect you and it’s you’re not bound by geographic location okay so how do you find people one way is to be reading in your industry reading blogs for example you may already be familiar with a sweet careers blog because you’re watching this video a lot of blogs will have a little button that says follow me so if you’ve found some professionals in your industry that you think are doing some interesting things go ahead and start following them on Twitter you can click the button or if they say let you know what their twitter username is you can just go ahead and go to Twitter and type in their username at the top here another great tool for finding out people in the industry am is all top I’m on the marketing page but if you just go to alltop com you can search different industries and type in the topic public relations branding marketing PR and when you click that you’ll get a list of blogs that have made it to all top and you can start figuring out you know potential people to follow I’m actually running out of time on this particular video so follow me to the next video part 2.