Twitter Jobs

Geared primarily for college students and recent grads.

hi okay we are back for part 3 now of looking at Twitter for networking and job searching alright so once you’ve created a profile maybe you’ve read some blogs and have figured out a few people to follow how do you continue then to build the people that you are following us as professionals within your field you could use and there are a number of different options but I’m just going to look at a couple here search twitter com would be one way that you could do a search you could type in psychology as an example maybe that’s your major that was one of my majors in college and just see what people have said about psychology can kind of browse through and see what people are saying use with that particular word you’ll see if there’s anybody saying anything interesting about it you could use the hashtags or a number sign before the word and see if that’s a topic you can see that there are some people who have listed that this is kind of interesting if you notice that Maria page and I don’t know who Maria page is but she seems to post a number of tweets with hashtag psychology so perhaps she’s in okay if you look here at her at her bio says that she’s interested in neuroscience and psychology so she might be somebody to follow if you were a psychology major or somebody interested in the field of psychology so the search function on Twitter is one to check out it’s not probably not the the best or certainly not the only search option but I think it’s a good place to start just to see who is posting things on any given topic they also give you some trends if that’s something that’s interesting to you just to see kind of some popular topics that are being tweeted about at the moment I think for me the key to success on Twitter is really just reading as much as you can about your industry and beginning to make connections with some of the people who are in your field and perhaps within your industry looking for those people people that follow you may be ones that you decide that you want to follow as well initially you may start off with just a handful of people that you’re following and then start tweeting about things within your field maybe it’s an article that you’re reading for class maybe it’s a paper that you’re writing start tweeting about it sharing those things with with others and others will slowly start to find you get become part of the conversation if somebody says something on that you’re following or that you encounter during doing one of your searches comment on it or retweet it and share it with some of the people that are following you that’s really part of or how you become part of those conversations and really that’s how networking works you share information with professional colleagues and they share information with it’s not all about just saying hey do you have a job for me although that certainly something that you can let people know that you are looking for employment and that brings me to something I want to show to you Jabba angels is someone that you could start following you can see that they are a movement to help people find one person find a job basically and what they do is that if you let job angels know that you’re looking for a position they tweet that out to all the people that are following them and they have just I think this has only been the last two weeks have developed twelve hundred and sixty five followers already so when job angels tells you know the world that somebody is looking for a position in new york city or in boston all of these people know about it so that would definitely be if you’re looking for employment that would be one resource that i would encourage you to check into so thank you for joining me I will continue to add more in the future but that’s it for now thank you.