Social Media Manager

So What exactly is BrowSEO anyway?

It’s the swiss army knife of SEO and Social media – It does it all.

It’s Social Media Manager an SEO Manager AND a Social and SEO syndication Tool all in one.

Please watch and let me know in the if you have any questions.

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hey everybody welcome to browse EO I’m just going to make a short video here because what I’ve been doing recently with browse EO is making all these really long videos just going over all the details in one long video and by the end my voice is hoarse and I start to really lag and it just is just too much I just end up going on and on and on and I just want to break it down to the different modules now so I’m going to do a couple of short videos I think six or seven videos in total and and this one is just going to outline what is in browse oh right what is it what does it do okay what browser is is a social media management tool allows you to literally manage unlimited social accounts across unlimited networks and you’re not limited to any particular site you can add any website you want to the system just as simply as adding a bookmark and pressing a button end of story so also an SEO campaign management tool which is very very very much like the social media management campaign to where you know you go ahead and sign up to all these different web 20 properties and you know you run your SEO campaigns via each unique proxy because it’s multi threaded and it’s all set up on different proxies right and it has a PBM management tool as well which obviously links to the SEO campaign management tool so that you could literally manage unlimited PB ends you could link them to different projects so that they also get opened up on different IP addresses which Google like to see also log in with the pbn management tool and we’re covering pretty much all of the main sites like wordpress drupal joomla and i think there’s one other one that we’re also covering that escaped me right now but we’re pretty going to cope we’re going to cover all of the main ones and if there are any others that you guys are all using let us know and we’ll get that one included as well so you can have the auto log in there as well it’s got an outsourcer management tool which is going to blow your mind absolutely blow your mind there is nothing like this out there nothing and that my personal favorite is the social RSS reader which is basically reminiscent of the old days of the google reader when that was around where you’re able to just log in by your gmail account to your google reader and you’ve got all of your information all of the RSS feeds in there and you’ve got all of those awesome share buttons in there as well the only problem with that is you were always going to share it with 11 network over here the RSS reader allows you to share it to any network that you want unlimited you’re able to have you know you each one has got its own unique group of Facebook’s and Twitter’s and PBA and different sites that you want to post to so each RSS reader has that ability so you can post from directly from RSS reader to any of your networks right and then it’s got a link prospector which is basically a a scraper built in scraper with predefined footprints that you just need to put in your keyword and it goes out and finds places you can go and have conversations in forums about your topic and also comments about your topic and i’ll show you that as well so i’m going to go into detail on each one of these modules that is what browse o is and i’m gonna end this video here I’ve done really well here it’s just under four minutes and the next video I’m going to be talking about the social media management tool.