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there you are my name is Anngamecookie and today I’m going to answeryour guys’s questions that you sent me

on Twitter and I’m super super excitedthank you so much to everyone who has

submitted a question and this isactually one of my very favorite videos

to shoot I did look through thequestions just a little bit because I

was too excited and I couldn’t wait butit doesn’t look through them too much so

you can actually see me think about itand answer them for you right away

and right here I also want to say I amsorry if the sound is not as great I

have a mic that should make a good buythey have me who does not have any idea

on how to deal with that mic and have tomake it sound good

so I’m still working on that I’m alsostill setting up my little recording

error here so you might see some changesto it I’m gonna see what I want to add

but without further ado let me answeryour question the first one is what is

your favorite game and as I said beforemy favorite favorite game is definitely

allegic I feel like it’s an old classicvideo game that no other video game can

fit I mean of course there are videogames that are as good as it like

outlast and the first Resident Evil 7that came out right now there are really

good horror games but a measure is aclassic it’s for me it’s one of the

first video games that are horror that Isaw that got me into the genre so yes

definitely amnesia but I am too scaredto play that one so you have not seen it

on my channel yetsometimes I curl up you’ll see it on my

channel but my favorite game that Iactually like to place definitely Oliver

watch I’ve been playing that for what ayear now I’m not sure when it came out

but ever since it came out I’ve beenplaying it have been loving it I love

how much work the creator’s put into thegame with all the new skins that come

out with all the new events it keeps itinteresting and I have a lot of our

watch stuff with you guys know what isyour favorite genre of movies there are

two different genres but there are twodifferent kinds of movies that are

really like to watch first one our cometis especially parodies of the other

movies because I really like watchingpeople make fun of other stuff that is

more serious it makes you kind ofrelaxed I just not take life as serious

and absolutely love to just grab somepopcorn some chips and sit down and oh

it’s my really good comedy and thesecond Jenner is of course horror movies

I do like her games marlin horror moviesin the game you’re actually the one

there’s actual person behind thegameplay when I watch it I can see that

person move through I can see whatthey’re doing it’s right there right

then movie has been made already so it’snot as scary I want to say the last one

that I watched was it by Stephen Kingand after playing so many bar games I

thought that was this scary Furby wouldyou trade your life for a loved one if

yes which one also can’t wait to seeyour new video awesome thank you

and if I had to do that of course thatwould be my family uh I have not seen my

family my mom my parents in about threealmost four years yeah it would be my

family what game are you most lookingforward to playing this year which is

not out yet that is awesome questionso uh the one that I’m so excited about

is of course the new South Park the part oh definitely definitely be watching

that game that’s for sure is your job if not what is yes I actually

do have a job well kind of two or threeyou counti tube is one of them but I

actually work at a store as a cashier soyeah come by shirt from me but my other

job is school of course I am currentlystudying pre med pre dental and actually

will be graduating this spring which isso excited but I do do 17 credit hours

at school so if that takes up a lot ofmy time especially with it being my last

year so I have to do things like prepareseminar where you give a presentation to

your whole basically everybody from.Bouch Department is invited

and all of your professors invited yeahthat’s creepy and that’s this Monday I

ever going to finish murder so suspector why did you stop playing it murder

suspect is another game that Iabsolutely love I watched a little bit

before was a long time ago I dr. mothermy to which which is awesome if I decide

to play it again I think the story isreally awesome

I think it has amazing side quests and Ilove it game but I’ve posted a couple of

videos of it and nobody really seemedinterested in it because I mean dozens

don’t get me wrong it’s not that if itdoesn’t get to interviews that means I’m

not gonna dude because I’m doing it forviews but I also have to look at what

you guys like at what you guys want tosee so for me if you didn’t watch it

that many times that means that youdidn’t like it and you would not want to

see it because the channel is not justabout me it’s also about to you guys and

what you want so I might actually startit again and see if you guys would like

to see it but that would be why Istopped it but I love the game and I

maybe will want to play it again anytips on being so amazing thank you so

much so in order to be amazing you haveto climb a mountain

harsh winter weather in the swimsuit andfind a flower on top of the mountain and

cook a soup with it and eat it I hopethat helps

would you rather explore space alone orexplore the deep part of the ocean alone

awesome question hmm the Explorer deepocean alone makes me think of some

Nautica of course wow that game isbecause it just makes you feel it’s

almost meditating to me you’re aloneyou’re on a planet where your leader

leads just to besides all thosecreatures as far as we know right now as

long as I didn’t miss anything aboutthat game but you’re a little alone and

it’s just so quiet so nice I am anintrovert I do love people I laugh

talking to people but I’m one of thosepeople who kind of just needs her space

when I come home I need to relax andunwind and pimp up myself a little bit

and that game really kind of gives thatto me that’s why I love subnautica but

if I had to explore that in a real lifethis is so hard I am going to go steel

with the deep ocean because a secrettree mystery of our main I really want

to be a mermaid that would be amazing. I do love putting my swimming goggles on

andand get to entered the water whether it

is in the sea or whether it is just in aswimming pool and just kind of chillin

underwater for as long as I can it’slike a whole new world out there again

it’s so quiet you can see the sun raysgoing through the water and kind of

dancing around and I love that and if Iwas a mermaid again I would be able to

go farther where anybody has been kindof bit by myself and just kind of

explore everything and see the prettycoral reefs and dive deep down and see

the Titanic or cool stuff like that butit would be really cold and I’m throwing

on code tolerance so that is somethingto think about

however you know what space is wayfreaking colder so ocean it is just

please don’t get me wrong I do lovepeople it’s just that I’m one of those

people who kind of has to recharge on myown and I bet some of you can relate to

me tooso to version that one have you heard of

the band’s is still and if so what’syour favorite song by them along the

card a little bit about them so downthis song that I’ve heard from them

would be um pay or whatever it’s coldand yeah that’s pretty good but I don’t

know any other songs what is yourfavorite season summer like summer 50

times. I love Emeric tropical my dream is to

leave somewhere tropicalit doesn’t have to be a separate

tropical but it has to have palm trees.

I am crazy in love with palm trees with

shells starfish and pull that kind ofstuff so I really want to be somewhere

worm and somewhere words some birds allyear round but as it was

this year I was kind of trying toembrace more other seasons like autumn

and when before I’ll just be really sadbecause autumn ends summer’s over but

this time I were just when and gotpumpkins I went and I got myself some

full tees and I just had to make surethere’s no but yeah I was just really

trying to kind of embrace it and it’sbeen working really well but if I could

have summer I would have summer all thetime I am really sorry I do feel a

little bit tired I’m still getting overmy medicine but I’m so happy to be doing

this so let’s continuewhy does bball stand for baseball and

not buzz people that my friend is a veryvery American question I just went to my

first baseball game about the week agoor so so give up games or junk food is

serious okay I do love junk food foodall the time

I eat all kinds of candy it’s awesomejunk food is awesome but if I have to

give up video games for that I’m gonnahave to unfortunately stick with video

games and give up the junk food becausenothing is better than sitting down

headphones on and just be merged intothe game with being in another world and

hey maybe I can eat that Jon foot in avideo game that work do you watch anime

or cartoons if so which ones my firstanime I just watched I wanna save over

winter breakbarbar Spring Break and it was the Deaf

note absolutely loved it it was so goodnot the movie though movie really really

sucked but I did just get myself wholebook which is about a kitten it’s cold

actually sit right there cheese sweethome which is kind of anime and I’ve

been reading it and I’ve been reallyenjoying it but that’s like my first

kind of big comic book that I’ve readwhen I was little I remember I would be

so happy when my mom would buy me Donald.Duck comics books or stuff like that but

I don’t remember who literally maybebought it three or five times over my oh

good over my old childhood because theywere not as popular back in Russia when

I was growing up and as about cartoons Ihave a very straight answer for you

Phineas and Ferb I freaking love thatcartoon I have it on all the time I wake

up in the morning I put it on beforegoing to bed when I’m just cleaning

walking around what a time because umfor me I did not discover that cartoon

until maybe I think I’ll just covered itabout four years ago so I was what 17 no

I think I was 18 or 19 years old thatwas one of the first cartoons that I

started watching in English the wholeseries basically and I’m asked some of

you about that and you guys told me thatyou have watched that when you were like

12 I did not have that when it was 12 so. I just covered it way later I feel like

it’s just such a positive littleinnocent cartoon that has enough full

jokes in it to make you get all the timeso yeah Phineas and Ferb you should

watch it if you haven’t seen it what isyour favorite movie or favorite

actor/actress alone time I am one ofthose weird people who did not really

have a favorite movie or our favoritesongs I have a couple of songs that are

really really like the Tenley’s into allthe time but then it kind of goes away

and they don’t really have a favoriteone it’s weird I know but the same way

with the movies if I had to think aboutit I really used to enjoy the scary

movie serious one through five werenever news I know the last one was not

as good so I guess I would pick thosebut it don’t really have a very movie my

favorite genres as we talked about wouldyou consider doing the podcast with

other rs and if so who would yoube your first guess oh I would love to

do co op videos with other rs Ican admit something to you I’ve never

watched a buzz cast before I know whatit is supposed to be but I haven’t

watched one so I don’t really know howboth liked or not but I would love to do

co op videos I haven’t done one yet Ihave no idea how to do it or what would

I want to do but man it would be mydream to make a video with one of my

favorite rs that would be reallyawesome

and I really hope them one day I willwrite and speaking of that you asked me

who my favorite r was i watch alot of rs and a lot of different

genres on and of course myfavorite rs are gaming rs

Jack mark and kids sorry guys my card onthe camera just got full so I had to

take care of that a little bit and mybatteries fly shouldn’t have no idea

where my charger is so let’s continuewith this one really quick yes as I said

those are my favourite rs andwhat I was trying to say is that their

styles are so different so that if Iwatched a video from one r then I

can still watch one from the second oneon the same game because it’s so

different there’s different jokes in yougot that anyways other rs that

are really like to watch would be peoplelike Marzia so Allah I love watching

their blogs I can really relate to themwell I can really relate to the gaming

rs too but they are basically meif I was doing vlogs and I will do a

vlog maybe some time but I do prefer todo gaming videos more I might do a vlog

here and there but gaming as the videosthat I’m kind of more interested in than

just a lifestyle although I do lovewatching myself

if you could travel anywhere where wouldit be

I would absolutely like Badou encourage11% would travel back to my family and

see my mom grandma and everybody andhave a nice fresh and dinner with them

and drink refreshing tea with them anddo awesome stuff I miss ed that is

definitely where I would travel if I hadto what made you want to start I

love your channel by the way thank youso much um for me as I was saying before

I used to love watching my dad mybrother and their friends when they come

over I used to love watching them playvideo games when I was little that’s

pretty much how I grew up I also watchedmy uncle too but I’ve never really

played them myself just a little bitwhen I have to when nobody else would

play it for me so when I moved out Ididn’t have my uncle and my brother

anymore so I decided that I’m going toplay them myself so that is why it is

still a little bit weird for me because. I love video games but it’s so unusual

for me to actually be playing themmyself so I’m still kind of adjusting to

that and also I just watched otherpeople’s videos I thought it was really

cool and then it was like why can’t I dothat too

so I basically decided to try and I alsofeel like I have so much to share with

the world with you guys so I want to youguys to see you know besides video games

there’s just little maybe craftingvideos that I want to do or just daily

videos about how’s life you know that Iwould love to share with you and to sit

down and talk so that is what it tractsme in is that I’m basically in

control of what kind of videos I want toexactly how I want to make it and I get

to be a super creative and you guys getto see it all that’s what I love of

course I understand that even though I’min control and it’s kind of my thing you

guys have so much input in that withwhat videos you want to see how you want

to see them and that’s why I lovehearing feedback from you because it

kind of tells me which direction to gowhere didn’t name and game cookie idea

came from so if you guys have beensubscribed

come on bracelet I would really like tokeep this shirt if you guys have been

subscribed to me since when I wasstarting you may know that my channel

was not cold and game cookie it was justcold game cooking and I was thinking

about so many names that I could name it. I really wanted to be something you know

jumpybubbly and prayed so one of the names

that came up with was boys bubbles andthere were a lot of bubbles already on

so I couldn’t do that and therewere several names that are also thought

about and I would look and somebodyalready has a channel named like that so

I was kind of thinking about um thethings that you know people like that I

like and then I thought cookie game andcooking

really good together so it’s like if Ihad to pick between candy and cookies

candies duh but game candy I was alreadytake in and the doesn’t sound as good

but when I wrote out game cookie I justthought it sounded good and after I had

that name for a while I just did notfeel like it was personal enough I

wanted to feel like it’s my own thing mylittle baby so I added my name in there

basically slapped my name in the frontof it and that’s how any cookie was born

do you like space documentaries that oneis a will out of a blue without the

other questions about space and theocean I think it’s very much into them

anyways I have not watched through manyspace documentaries and ated by earth

and everything going on on the earth if.

I had to peek about documentaries about

nature and people I would definitely gowith people I love psychology I love

learning about how people work howpeople think and kind of trying to

protect what they will do when I’m kindof talking with them or I love kind of

looking at people and reading them andbeing able to understand kind of what

they’re all about basically but ithappens to watch that many

nature documentaries besides of the onesthat I had to watch for school so yeah

I’m sorry buddy I haven’t really watchedenough to say whether I like

not I do like speaking aboutdocumentaries there’s one code pranking

on Netflix I believe which tells youeverything about your brain again how

people work how our memory works howlove works and things like that I love

that one and that one oh what what haveyou been noticed by any other rs

besides Pew.Die. Pie that’s a weird one toanswer because I feel really shy about

it no I’m not. I did tried to submit my channel to

Pew. Die.

Pie’s little shout out contestthat he wanted to babe but then he for

some reason didn’t make and that was Ithink last spring give me April or so

yeah I think it was April but then hedecided not to do it but I’m gonna be

working hard and if not I spelt togetherlet us be the cookies cookies of all

cookies and those are all the questionsthat I have time for right now thank you

again so much for submitting them mycamera is dying right now and it was

gonna go take some pictures tomorrow sohopefully I’ll find the charger but

thank you guys so much for watching Ihope you enjoyed it

move the like button for me if you didand I was in the other videos help

mother video I’m supposed to say nextvideo so and I will see in the next

video thank you again for questions theywere awesome love answering now..