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hello guys welcome back to another vlog I hope you enjoy this vlog today remember have a great day stay positive and keep smiling you lovely people 🙂 thank you for the love and support here on my channel I really appreciate it I love you all
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hello you lovely people and welcome back to a normal life on the final day so I’m just going to video 50 facts about me well it’s not really 50 facts on me because I decided to do 20 facts for me then do another 20 facts about me video from there and I would guess that do a 10 facts family absence of 50 facts about me because I thought I’ll do 20 facts and of practical 10 facts because as all the way there all day in case I come out facts are over time or money or one you choose you because videos too long so I’ll do it in separate my videos until I said you guys get some in fact starting to fly only person 20 factors rapidly but the full 50 facts will be three different videos so there were factions for money on that video be going up tonight so yeah me she’ll have written this one will be going up before the video so make sure you have this blog as well so being that on this one I mean child video number on tutorial numbers I’ve been nothing like that so yes they variously many other side pull the video now I’m currently just login don’t know make up done perhaps Cho Quran and just the army jacket vibes because it’s on jacket but yeah the plan goes to Melissa’s like an interview thing in college should be good I think goes on for like half an hour and now I’m able to I was not too sure we should have got free drinks about I know it did me an alcoholic I mean like juice up would use Cola and free snacks like biscuits and crystals of are so it should be good because she’s doing travel tourism in September so that’s it definitely good and I’m going to go back to your college ID see you soon please down home it’s gone so for that so that should be definitely good so I think she’ll really enjoy travel tours along because she says to me like shorter like travel on world stuff I’m pushing at school like free not free trips like just pay for it but going on free trip after she paid for it and she seems feel like free trips lame New York and stuff like that so that’s definitely one meaning she’s got paid for it but then they’re taken away for free which should have paid for it so I think she really enjoyed showing that with some salsa for makeup back on New York’s I’m like really bosom for that and I just want makeup in general on us and that’s what I’m doing next year when what you said your private Ruiz up spa I think swallowing but yeah and all the brothers and sisters and my dad said swab I want to do makeup I believe because that’s what I want to do I’ll do it because a lot I like makeup this one be really makeup on and do it yeah move more jobs and spa I’m really under media makeup and I believe are falling at that I’ll do it so yeah you’re always on your own winding life guys don’t anyone wholly different always going to be around your face things they’ll do what you want to do because it’s your life no one else’s say yes what yeah so I cannot fight should be good and stuff like that and say yeah that’s basically about it really and if you saw the vlog from yesterday I was basically explaining what happened to me over vlog for you would not to wearing them do again this Saturday and the Twitter guys is bit broke at the moment because can’t get my username and password back and it’s just not let me click on it click if you request is follow me on Twitter or something a message on Twitter or anything like that I’ll get back to you shortly and I’ll write you back and I drew back on swear as soon as possible as soon as it’s fixed so guys if a large backlog like post anything or anything like that don’t think it’s me being booed it’s because until it’s been broke for couple weeks well been trying to fix it and yeah once it’s fix up a battery shortly so I’ll adorn you back and feet exhalation stuff like that so yeah also John DMM as well feel free to put that loads of the elements from I let reply back to everyone so yeah and so happy you made up local products so I mean it’s going to expiate you can follow it so yeah I would laughs well yes basically about me a life in the day of the lunar interferon College starting from tomorrow and then all week and I think I Paula five this week I should be done by this Friday and then confined you people’s nails and massages and so that I was a qualified so real looking forward to that so yeah issue emails do anything just dare me because joking what like obviously family friend Sasuke Mc.Donald I if the friends or the nails and I do nails like mustard and stuff like that people have been asking massages and they all softer more happy to uphold them and will assist a little slight like Becky give me my five shots get them mailee enjoyed it also get paint because fair trial family would be friends and you have to pay so that’s I it and but basically they’re just do people nails not cool are up to it all that more think ones and qualified if I do make a pause I’ll like which I will be doing anyway because that’s not want to do are doing people’s makeup resolve resolve because I’ll be be focus of ultimate bias icon like that I’m at some black tip future posting nature’s my dream job so yeah but I’ll say I have a job now but if I do any other jobs in the future definitely because I absolutely will do that day I will do for watching movies it is actual mixes well when people around the world are actually watching my videos actually taking the times like requests no social uses like write me write to your Instagram and Twitter and sunshine survives limiting just amazing are those things that are components maybe difference in my life I’ll tell you that if you will start BB start so yeah that’s all I have to say and I think I’m going to end it here but if you like this work make sure to like comment or subscribe down below or if you dislike me in general or if you know and yet and I’m but you can always like something that always answer like I always add back in touch meters since then we’ll definitely what’s that definitely do it wakes you up I’ll see you guys in the vlog on video I’ll see you guys I’m going to you to my main channel video will be up so that’s without great and I’ll see you guys in little Bob I mean my main channel will do tonight okay bye guys. .