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See what’s on my iPhone 7 Plus and take a peek into the life of a social media manager! Open up for more!

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hi guys what’s up welcome back to my channel today I’m going to show you what is on my arm and finally in the family of people who have big cellphones but I made fun of these people for such a long time and now that I have one I cannot even see myself going back it’s just so nice especially because if you don’t know I am a social media professional so I’m on social media internet like 90% of my day I can’t imagine doing my work without a big hole like this so let’s get into what’s on it and yes I will leave my cell phone case down below is really cheap I got in that Amazon I think it was like $10 I guess a 128 to gig i.Phone 7 plus and it’s the black or like charcoal grey one so here is my homescreen I just downloaded this like literally just now because I knew that I was going to be showing you my phone and I didn’t want to have nothing so I don’t know I got it from some website but I think it’s pretty cute I like it I might keep it for a while so I have everything organized into folders I have social media business editing and artainment travel shopping finance and health and then on this I have like my basic kind of i. Phone apps that I use all the time I use all of these probably every day pretty much except for the App Store one I don’t really download apps too much but every other one I use almost every day and then these are all the apps that I don’t really ever use but I don’t want to delete like I do use stock sometimes I check stocks but I’m not like into it yeah and that’s all so let’s get into it so first one is social media these are my social media apps they’re all pretty self explanatory but I’ll go over them Instagram you guys all know what that is you can follow me at a journey east underscore buffer is what I use to schedule out my social media post I use this I want to show you all the accounts that I manage because there are some of them are for clients and like personal projects that I’m working on the habits I haven’t unveiled yet and stuff like that but anyway I can manage like I don’t even know like 50 or more accounts so this is just like my personal Twitter I have this tweet scheduled for tomorrow offer is my go to scheduling app because it’s just so easy spread fast I want to show you this either because that’s for my day job this is the tool that we use on you can follow me a journey east now chat is like my least used app I opened it for the first time the other day because I was going to snap my boss some things and like I literally had so many like snaps himself that I hadn’t opened ah so cute somebody’s snapped me look at this like I’m telling you I never open my snaps that’s so cute I get a respond her that’s so sweet anyway I’m Latasha James on snapchat if you do want to follow me so anyway I just got distracted here is the this is the Pages app so again I won’t open that up because it has all like clients and jobs and stuff I thought about all the pages that I manage which are a lot Linked. In nothing too crazy you know what Linked.

In looks like I’m sure I do use linson all the time Linked.In has become like my facebook I’m such a lame boring adults because when I’m bored like instead of just scrolling Facebook I’ll just scroll Linked. In and I’m not looking for a job or anything like that it’s just you know this is a studio app you can see like everything they can see all your hate comments that are all on this video I’ve never gotten so much hate comments in my life good comments analytics are really cool I’ll just show you really like quickly yeah like it shows you like all your views in something here really in depth I really like the discovery if you click on discover you can see how people found your videos suggested you could search Google search on what exactly they searched for it’s really cool and then on the second page here I have messenger I never use facebook Messenger I like didn’t even want to download it and I figured now that I have the space I might as well so my boyfriend sends me messages on there sometimes and this whale out so I downloaded this there’s like one person might be to have like one friend so but anyway I just started this if you guys would like to follow me or whatever there I’m still figuring it out but basically it’s like a Q&A app where you go on there and you can ask me questions and I get video answers I think so I have one that I need to do I have two questions so far so I don’t really know how it’s going to work but it’s kind of like a new social platform so I try to get on new things like that okay so that’s it for social media the so like I said I work in social media so a lot of my social media apps are also used for business but these are like strictly for business for the most part so I have slack I have multiple different rooms on slack slack is like change my life especially if you do any freelance work and you have like remote teens asana is amazing I have an asana set up for myself and like my freelancing business so me and like the people like who I contract like to write or to help me do assistant stuff or web designers and stuff can get in there and we’re all on the same page Docs pretty easy Google Docs I really like this continue to edit Google Docs on the fly Google Drive same thing you can’t add it in there we can like see everything’s Mail. Chimp I do use Mail.

Chimp personally in for clients Evernote just kind of started getting into Evernote but I do like it it’s like a cloud based note thing I’m stereotypical creative so I get like random inspirations like a two second thing like oh my gosh I need to write about this when I get home and so it’s nice to just like have something to jot down because I do it on paper but I always lose them outlook for the bay job zoom is a new it’s basically like Skype but you can record your screen when we use that for some freely it’s Friday episode’s coming up soon Skype and this is just another work thing and then Linked.In jobs again I’m not looking for a job but I keep it on there because I just like to be like in the know for social media purposes editing so I use after light and VSO cam the scope and I are out six days of really these are the two that I use like all the time boomerang I like like who does only boomerang right now i. Movie I honestly never used in my phone it seems really hard my photo is facetune I only use facetune for the whitening feature I know nobody like will believe me and I don’t really care I don’t think there’s anything wrong with like making yourself look thinner or whatever for an Instagram photo honestly but I personally don’t use it for that I just whiten the backgrounds if I take a picture of a white wall I like to make it look really white and then I don’t know grojband really isn’t I don’t know why that’s on their entertainment now this is a new folder for me because I used to have a 16 gigabyte i. Phone so I never has a space for like fun stuff so Spotify to use every day I either alternate between like on my commute Spotify or podcasts and then Prime video Netflix I really don’t watch Netflix prime video I only watch like trash TV like the Kardashians and stuff now let’s I’ve I voted it for my last flight because you can now like download stuff so whatever I did Nathan end up using it this is called lizard called up time you guys seen this out it’s new it’s like basically connected to I think it’s like targeted towards like really young people doesn’t make your videos like really interactive like you can like I don’t know like types of I don’t know I haven’t figured it out but again like social media I just want to be like on top of stuff and then do o do always something like Orson asked me to download it’s basically face time he has an Android so in case we ever want to face time travel I have my On.

Star app I have a oh my gosh is so annoying of a Chevy vehicle a newer shaggy vehicle so you can this is like really cool this is like the definition of like lazy privilege this app I can set my car but I don’t have to be near it like it can be like a really far away away yeah just doesn’t working very well because I just got an oil change but it shows me like my gas and everything even though unlike it’s pretty cool pretty cool left is my ride sharing app of choice Google Maps and part citrate this is like high paid for parking in Detroit’s shopping how you literally gonna have two things in here how’s the obsolete app and depop nothing to see there finance I know that I should probably die got my money from big banks but I still have my good old Bank of America account not that I need to explain myself but anyway then Mel has changed my life if you guys don’t he’s been Mel you should download it especially so you’re like you I’m girly I feel like people in our 20s and under flip things a lot like my boys undeniable split bills dinners if I’m traveling with friends I actually started this because Paris I went to San Francisco and we shared a hotel together and she was icky Leah’s been Mel and she’s in college so she’s a young enhanced my verizon nothing crazy and how so I downloaded this pillow app I honestly having been a chance to explore it very much but it like analyzes your sleep and stuff and I would like to get better at that clue is seriously a lifesaver if you are a female yeah it’s pretty crazy like it’s a like period tracker app and it 100% has saved my life and then health apps which I’ve never used Milly huh and then down here I have obviously you know the calling thing which I never used my million emails this was like embarrassing text messages which I don’t use very much anymore than just Safari so that is everything that is on my i.Phone if you have questions or would like me to do like a follow up video maybe some of my favorite apps or how I use their naps for like my business and for certain aspects of my life for my career let me know in the comments down below and again I will leave my phone case in the description box if you’d like to check it out thank you so much for watching don’t forget to thumbs up this video and subscribe if you haven’t yet and I’ll see you guys very soon in my next one. .