Social Media Manager

go over 5 signs that show it’s time to hire a social media manager.

so several of you know that I do consulting and coaching with business owners to show them how to implement their marketing plans but a lot of people don’t know that we can also manage social media campaigns for them and a lot of business owners find themselves in a spot where they don’t really know when it’s the right time to outsource or delegate some of these social media tasks so I want to give you five reasons or five signs you can see that tell you that it’s time to hire a social media manager whether in house or outsource a firm like ourselves number one you just don’t have the time to do it right what I mean is social media takes consistency and you know daily posting replying back to comments retweeting other articles of interest sharing other people’s content and so if you have the time to do it you know a couple of times a month and this and that you know most savvy business owners know that’s not enough time to be able to do it effectively and actually achieve results so if you don’t have enough time to do it there’d be a reason to to hire someone to do it for you number two is simply you don’t like doing it there’s a lot of business owners out there to understand the value of having an online presence in a social media presence they just don’t like to do it they don’t like to get on facebook or twitter or these other platforms it’s just not something that they do they would much rather be doing what they do best which is their craft and their business number three is it kind of falls in line with number one but you can’t keep up with all of the changes the first part of my day consists of going and looking at blogs looking at articles in researching what has changed what changed with Facebook will change with Twitter what changed with pinches all these different platforms and if you’ve ever been on facebook for two seconds you understand that the time that it took me to record this video or make this post something has already changed with Facebook so you may get into a rhythm of posting but if you don’t keep up with the changes then you’re going to be left behind anyway so that be another reason to outsource on you know someone that does this kind of thing all the time totally keeping up with the changes number four you find that yes you do have the time but you’re better served in your particular business to have your time allocated somewhere else and take for instance a dentist they may have the time to get a side and you know do a social media update or look at something but they’re better served you know working with patients working with their staff or furthering their education as well and then number five the last reason or sign that it may be time to hire social media expert is you want an expert to handle it and I’ll give you an example I do not do anything with my cars I barely know how to put gas in it I barely know how to jump it so I take it to an expert to have my old change have it worked on I’m sure I can go somewhere and find one of these online tax services I don’t do that I have a great CPA that does my taxes my accounting all those kinds of things because I want to expert handling those types of things and so that be another reason to outsource you you may be an expert in what you do but you may need an expert to do just your social media so those are some signs that it may be time to look at the higher social media manager would be happy to do that for you in fact if you go on our website and go to the social media management page you’ll see what all we have going on there but as always if you just send some tips visit our facebook page visit our twitter account all market with mario and the subscale take care.