Social Media Manager

In this week’s episode of Social Media Minute, we look at what it takes to become a Social Media Manager. It turns out some brands aren’t exactly hiring the cream of the crop.

social media managers they get paid to tweet follow make Facebook posts when you think of social media managers most people think of this smart clean with a look that says I will grope you in the staff meeting however it turns out to become a social media manager you don’t exactly need a master’s degree just ask social media manager Kate buck I had been playing around a lot on Twitter and Facebook and what I saw was I just started noticing i saw people who had large followings it was then Kate seized the opportunity and started a social media management company I get to play on facebook and twitter for a living right now she manages about 12 accounts for major brands around Austin you go Kate all right so I’m being me she’s doing this on the side making a few extra bucks for that for small business has already made her hundreds of thousands of dollars what the buck all right so Kate’s clearly an anomaly can we possibly look at a more qualified social media manager Mackenzie Kelly just broke into the industry and honor off time she manages a handful of social media accounts by day she’s a county employee here’s my point if you’re a brand looking to outsource its social media management you might want to investigates to make sure that you’re not accidentally hiring this kid because these days all people need to be are unemployed with lots of time to reflect and bam it’s posting time and if you’ve already hastily out sourced your Facebook and Twitter accounts now you know what’s going on when things screw up is at the end of the day no one really needs a social media manager now it’s time for me to do my social media manager job duties here at box 7 you can follow us at / Fox Austin or at Fox Austin except that guy join us next week on social media minute what exactly is a social media manager and once at a position that a lot of moms are doing currently from their home office let’s dive in you. .