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I was born and raised in New England so yeah I know a thing or two about school even see that no hitter in Boston Los was ready for the rematch in the big game this weekend suppose it’ll be decided by a touchdown half court shot at the buzzer Jen I went to school in Canada for two years I really honed my pocket knowledge is a great white north after give off Johnny’s working drawings goalies town on his head in San Jose last night I don’t just love the big four no I’ve branched it last club has and Bristol can’t do that header off the perfect corner kick it’s how I scored my only mark segal you see that poor working wreck on turn 4 in D glad to see JW take checkers though 24 hours of racing Daytona and what I’m doing for the next day how about you Rory keeping up with my long list of favorite sports become so much easier now that xfinity is come home I can literally be sitting at a hockey game watch a football game on my phone during intermission all while keeping up to date with everything else going on in sports by falling behind the scenes tweets and status updates from all my favorite teams and if I did happen to miss anything I can catch it all in a comcast sportsnet when i get home of sports i know a lot of different sports I definitely deserve this ultimate sports social media job I’ve been training for it my whole life being an avid follower of sports teams and athletes on social media I know what fans are looking for from behind the scenes videos stats & information I mean I already keep all my friends and followers up to date with everything going on in sports.